Jan 14, 2015

[REVIEW] @10TonsLTD's "Tennis In The Face"

RATING: 8/10  

Finnish based gaming developers 10TonsLtd are one of my favorite indie devs that is out there who have a very good track record where it comes to casual games.  While their games have previously predominantly made a showing on mobile markets such as the Apple iStore or the various Android markets, they have embraced the consoles by porting their games over to the current gen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox 1 as well as the PC marketplace on Steam. NOTE: Not all games of theirs are available on Steam/Consoles at this time.

Their newest game to hit the gaming consoles is the quirky Tennis In The Face. Tennis in the Face is a physics type game that you could originally find on the mobile markets for ios and Android.  I grabbed it when it was free one day on the iPad and really enjoyed it a lot.  Very fun game, very funny as well, and I've always enjoyed physics based games, along the lines of Angry Birds and the such.

This one has a storyline, as it were, that involves a disgraced Tennis Star, Pete Pagassi (an obvious amalgamation, for those non-Tennis fans, of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi) who fell victim to an addiction to an energy drink called "Explodz".

Fresh out of rehab, Pagassi is determined to bring Explodz' empire crushing down around it, and so the self designed vigilante begins attack any and everyone involved with the drink whether it be hipsters, employees, scientists or the riot cops sent to stop him.

Tennis In The Face follows in the line of other fun casual titles by 10Tons such as Sparkle 2, Oddball King and Crimsonland, and much like those games, there is a lot of levels to go through.

Unlike some of the other games, there isn't as much to do as far as multiple modes and unlockables though, so if that's your thing, you may be slightly disappointed in that aspect.

In Oddball King and Sparkle 2, as you go through the game you unlock different types of modes or secret worlds.  In Sparkle 2 you unlocked difficulty levels, as well as perks that unlocked powers.  In Oddball King you unlocked modes where you had to complete levels with a single rock, or the mysterious Mustache World.

With Tennis In the Face, there are much less unlockables, although there is a funny level that is unlocked in which you get to attempt to take out the entire developer team on a single level, as well as a level where you can take out these creatures from a previous 10Tons game called "Joining Hands" which is available on iOS.

There are many who seem to decry this inundation of mobile games onto the current gen consoles like the Playstation 4 or the Xbox 1.  They'd rather see the focus be on big AAA games that push the limits of the graphical output and whatnot.  And to a certain degree I understand and would agree. 

However there's nothing wrong with some indie games.  There are some fantastic indie games out there whether it's from 10Tons or Mike Bithell's amazing "Thomas Was Alone" or the indie titles like Limbo, Closure, Braid, or those from my absolute favorite indie devs, ThatGameCompany who put out Flower, Flow and Journey.

My problem is less on cool and graphically pleasing to the eye games like the aforementioned, and more with the recent influx of these 8/16 bit games like Hotline Miami or Towerfall Ascension.  I don't wanna play Atari looking games on a PS4, especially when some of these have $15-$20 price tags.

There should be no problems with quality indie devs like 10Tons though who continuously provide fantastic quality gaming at fair reasonable prices.

If you are in the market for a fun casual title in between your AAA releases, then you could do much worse than to get Tennis In The Face.

NOTE: I was sent a review copy of this game, yet I was unable to redeem the code due to problems with the Playstation store which, I believe, kept invalidating my code because I had tried to redeem it too often in a certain period of time (although I was not aware that's what I was doing).   After a second code did not work I simply bought the game  myself.  Money well spent, I think.

You should buy it too.

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