Nov 12, 2014

The One With The Octopocalypse!

Last year I helped kickstart a graphic novel called "The Tasting" by the folks over at Red Rage Comics, Jesse James Higgins, and Scott Dewey.  Their book is a fantastic visual feast, with the beautifully macabre gothic artwork, and the way the text was laid out on the page.  You can check some of those images by clicking here.

This year they have a new project out, this one called "Octospore Book 1: Suburban Squid"

Now it's refreshing to have something other than your standard Zombie fare, as everything seems to be about zombies these days. Every now and then you'll find a creative take on the zombie genre, such as the UK series "In The Flesh", but for the most part you get less In The Flesh and more Z Nation.

This story, is on it's face, kinda fucked up to be clear.  Allow me to let Jesse & Scott explain the story for you:

Octospore Book One: Suburban Squid began when Jesse and Scott started watching "River Monsters" during Red Rage Comics work breaks. Already terrified of sharks, etc, Jesse and Scott found their water phobia increasing exponentially. Jesse was then sent a Youtube video by a friend. This video was a clip ripped from a BBC documentary about Cordyceps, a terrifying fungus that mind controls ants in the Amazon Jungle, forces them to climb, then grows out of the back of the ant's head like a freaky tentacle... Thus, Jesse and Scott immediately began fashioning the Octopocalypse when challenged to create a new take on the zombie apocalypse, a nightmare vision born of Youtube and Netflix terror.

Book 1 of the Octospore saga chronicles the beginning of the Octopocalypse as madman, Octavius Du Pont, gives rise to the End Times Squid. He adapts a human strain of Cordyceps and releases the virus at a massive cosplay contest. The Octopocalypse then spreads like wildfire into an unsuspecting and unprepared American suburbia. One moment neighborhoods are white picket fences, happy laughter, and bar-b-que smells. The next moment neighbors disappear in squiddy explosions and the survivors are overwhelmed by the danger and stress of unthinkable disaster.

Octospore Book 1: Suburban Squid is an experimental graphic novel from Jesse James Higgins and Scott Dewey that explores human communication within a disaster scenario. Sometimes funny, more times tragic, the Octopocalypse provides a living window into the vagaries of being human and the indomitable spirit that keeps people whole even when their worlds fall to pieces. 

Now I'm not typically into horror stories, as that just doesn't do much for me, however I admit to being fascinated by the concept they've given us and am intrigued and interested in reading this and seeing how things work out.

Something to keep in mind, as well.  If you pledge at least the digital level of $8, you not only get the digital copy of Book 1 but you ALSO get the digital copies of Books 2-8 as well for free as they are released, thus giving you the complete series for the price of one.

Also something to bear in mind is that you are supporting independent media.  These are not folks that are backed by the massive money of Marvel or DC, or even an indie company like Dark Horse or Image.  These guys have set up their own comic company, Red Rage Comics, and are doing all this themselves.  And with the help of those who are supporting them via the Kickstarter.

Just because they have made their goal, does not mean that the pledges are no longer needed.  There's so many hidden costs behind Kickstarters and creating your own project, that every dollar counts, and often a goal listed is not how much it costs to do the project, it's a lower goal designed to at least get the bare minimum required to at least put out a project.

If you like supporting indie media, and if you are intrigued by this project like I am, consider supporting!

In the coming week I will be posting up separate interviews for Jesse James Higgins, the writer of Octospore Book 1 and Scott Dewey, the artist behind the project.  Stay tuned!

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