Sep 6, 2014

The One Where Jezebel Cares About (White) Women

As everyone knows by now some assholes leaked the naked selfies and other images of various female celebrities on 4chan, and they then spread to the cesspool of the internet's humanity known as Reddit where they are still up today.

I'm not here to justify or denigrate that whole thing, as plenty has been said on that.  However I would like to point out something that is painfully obvious to many, yet not being pointed out enough.

Jezebel is a "Feminist" site that is under the Gawker umbrella.  Which means that being under the Gawker Umbrella it's gonna have a whole lot of fuckery mixed in with the occasional decent piece about women's rights.

The recent "Labor Day Leak" or whatever you want to call it has exposed Jezebel as being, not a site for "Feminism" to defend and stand up for women's rights and privacy and self respect and self worth.  It's actually a site for "Feminists" to defend and stand up for White women's rights and privacy and self respect and self worth.

Think that is a tad bit harsh?  Maybe out of line?  Okay.  Ask yourself this?  How much did they (and other Gawker related sites) report on Jennifer Lawrence's nudes and how her privacy was violated, and how horrible these assholes were who did this to her?  How it was never okay to do this and she was violated and women should never be shamed for being sexual or taking their own naked pictures?

Quite a bit, and justifiably so.

How many posts did Jezebel, that great bastion of "Feminism", do about Jill Scott, who also had her nudes hacked and released?   *crickets*

Here let me illustrate this for you.

First is an image that I just took moments ago of the search results on Jezebel's website for "Jennifer Lawrence Nudes"

There.  Now there's several posts there, and that doesn't factor in the posts on Deadspin, Gawker, Gizmodo, etc, etc, of which there were a few, including many telling everyone that while it was utterly disgusting what those perverts were doing, if you wanna see the picture, click here and see the Reddit thread "The Fappening" so you can see all the naked pictures you want, that we're in the process of telling you how horrible it was.

Now, here's the results for "Jill Scott Nudes".  See if you can notice the difference.

 Well, will you look at that?  Multiple articles on White Princess Jennifer Lawrence, no results (regarding the hack) regarding African American singer Jill Scott.  Hmmm.  I wonder why that is.  Is it Jill's noticeable lack of Whiteness?  Is it her plus size figure, that isn't as easy to "Fap to" for a lot of these misogynistic creeps?

Whatever the reason, perhaps Jezebel should stop acting like it's a "Feminist" site for all women, and just basically call it like it is.  It's the Fox News of Feminism.  It doesn't represent everyone, only those that look their audience.

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