Jul 14, 2014

The One Where Israel Murders Palestinians

UPDATE: July 15th 2014 @ 11:18am

Today the first Israeli civilian casualty was reported, with Hamas taking responsibility for it.  This is obviously a horrible thing to happen, and I am not, have not, and will not justify or excuse Hamas' sending rockets towards Israel, even if they are being deflected by the United State's funded Iron Dome.  It does nothing but cause problems, and I've never been one to advocate violence as a way to solve problems.  This is a complex situation, and I'm not pretending I have all the answers or even some.

However, let's re-iterate here.  1 death for Israel.   Closing in on 200 264 dead, and thousands injured on the Palestinian side. 80% of which are civilians, NOT the Hamas members firing the rockets.  Hamas is doing wrong by firing rockets at Israel, and I understand that at a certain point Israel cannot simply allow Hamas to keep attacking them and just assume that none of the rockets will cause damage.  Falling shrapnel is allegedly an issue according to Israel, and that seems to be a legitimate concern I would imagine.

However, I highly question Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he says that they seriously wanted to take the cease fire seriously and adhere to it, but their hands were forced by Hamas rejecting it and continuing to fire rockets.   As I wrote before (in original post below) egos and pride has gotten in the way, and Israel will never stop until all of Palestine and Gaza are buried under rubble, dead and gone.  And America will never stop supporting them until that happens.

This is a horrible situation all around, and it does not look to be getting any better.   Not until things change in that region, which I really don't put much faith in.


Imagine someone is throwing rocks at your house. You look out the window and there they are throwing rocks, BIG rocks...Rocks that could theoretically kill someone if they hit them. However the rocks fall WAY short of hitting your house, and land on the grass.

Then imagine you going outside and taking big rocks and hitting that person in the face until they are dead.
That would be hell of a disproportionate response. Meaning your reaction would far outweigh the threat that you were facing.  The person was wrong for throwing the rocks at your house, no doubt.  No one would defend that, however that is not license to kill.

No one would think that was right, right? You'd end up being locked up for murder, because that's what it would be: Murder.

There's no "stand your ground" law that would defend that, unless you were in some backwards ass place like Florida or Texas.

So why is it okay if Israel does it to the Palestinian people?

185 deaths, nearly 1,400 injured.about 77% of them being civilians, and almost half of that number being children.

Out of those, you know how many are Israeli? Zero. EVERY. SINGLE. DEATH. is Palestinian, the vast
majority being civilians, and almost half being children.

Oh but we have to defend Israel doing that, right? Why is that?

*singing softly* for....the Bible....tells...me...so.



 America has an unhealthy obsession with standing by Israel no matter what.  No matter what Israel does, the United States will NEVER take sides against them.  No matter how many women and children they murder, and this IS Murder.

Growing up as a Christian I was always told that we (meaning America) HAD to protect Israel otherwise bad things would happen. God would punish all those who opposed Israel.  I never understood why though beyond the "those are God's chosen people" refrain.  Anytime that question is asked, it's "God said."  and "It's in the Bible, read your Bible".

And yet those in power in America will never allow a peaceful situation to take over in the Middle East, because they don't want peace.  They want turmoil.  Because if there is peace, then how will Jesus return?  Eh?  Read your Bible, folks.  Jesus will return after the huge battle in the Middle East.  If everyone is getting along, and singing Kumbaya, then Jesus will never return, and ...then what?


That's why America protects Israel, and that's why America kisses Israel's ass no matter what they do. If Israel were to say "We're gonna bomb the United States of America", would the USA's powers that be resist?  How long would they have to take to decide upon a response out of fear of being attacked by their rabid psycho Christian base?

And you have these assholes like Ben Shapiro going on Fox News and saying how Obama is a "borderline Jew Hater", despite the former defense secretary of Israel praising Obama as being the most friendly towards Israel.

I mean I'm a Christian but I'm not blind.  I'm not stupid.  I can think for myself, and anyone with a heart and a scintilla of compassion HAS to look at that situation in Gaza and just want to cry at the death and destruction at the hands of the Israelis who are starving out and murdering all these Palestinian citizens, women and children included.

Hamas is wrong for firing the rockets at Israel, of course, but this is just way too much death and bloodshed of the innocent Palestinian citizens, many of which are women and children.  This is not God's work.  This is not something that God would be pleased with.  This is murder, plain and simple, and we, as Americans, are all complicit in it because we have elected these people who take defending Israel, at all costs, no matter the circumstances, as the end all, be all of their life purpose.  

This world is fucked, people.  We probably ARE heading to a world ending annihilation, however I'm not sure if Jesus will be returning when it happens or not.  We may all just end up dead for some bullshit pride and egos.

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