Apr 26, 2013

The One With The Orange Packers Identity

So here in Spokane I live near a food bank that serves the low income people of the community, and they are blessed to receive food from a variety of sources, whether it's donations, or a larger centralized food bank that distributes various foods (canned goods, boxes of fruits and vegetables, etc) to the smaller food banks throughout the city.

The local food bank got a box of apples in (ironically in a box originally shipping oranges) and I noticed something on the side that I've never seen before.  Look at the pictures here, and you'll see there's a square in the bottom right hand corner that shows the picture of a Latino woman and her name with the phrase "I am packing for you". 

Am I the only one that is kind of surprised by this?  I've never seen that before.  I've seen shirts and underwear that have a little slip of paper in the packaging that says "So and so folded this for you" or "tested this" but never one where the person's face and name were clearly labeled on there.

I can't help but have a problem with this.  I doubt that woman wants her face and name plastered on those boxes and shipped out across the country.  

Maybe that's just me, but it seems odd.

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