Apr 20, 2013

The One Where The Boston Marathon Bombers Were Set Up In a False Flag Operation

So as you can imagine, now that the Boston Marathon bombers have been either shot and killed, or brought in alive, the conspiracy theorists are out in full force proclaiming all sorts of crazy shit.  Whether it's Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity pushing the whole "Obama is deporting the Saudi National who masterminded the whole thing to protect him", or Alex Jones and his ilk screaming "False Flag", you have your usual assortment of nutjobs mucking up the gene pool.

Today the aunt of the two bombers went before the cameras and started screaming about how her nephews were set up, and the FBI knew about them for four years, and how her sweet angelic family members would NEVER do what they did.

I'm not buying it.

However I would like to, for one moment, point out something I thought of as soon as I read what she said.  The idea of them being set up for the bombings, while making incredible drama and whatnot, may be bullshit, but it DID remind me of this little seen ABC thriller from about six years ago (damn was it that long?) called "Traveler".


The show starred Matthew Bomer (White Collar, Magic Mike) and Aaron Stanford (Nikita) along with Viola Davis (The Help) and William Sadler (Shawshak Redemption) among others.  Bomer and his roommate were set up by a third roommate played by Stanford, as terrorists who bombed an art museum in New York.

Suddenly their faces are on the news with footage of them in the museum (which they were in there, roller skating through as a prank -- suggested by their now missing friend who actually detonated the bomb) and they're trying to get out of the city.  The conspiracy goes very high, but due to the show being cancelled after 8 episodes, we never got a proper ending.

Crazy shit though.  Check out the 3 minute promo below and let me know in the comments what you think.  To clarify, I do not believe it was a conspiracy, I DO believe the people we got are the ones who bombed it, and there may have been others (three others reportedly were arrested).

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