Mar 19, 2013

The One Where Sarah Palin Becomes President Due to Insanity

UPDATE: April 20th 2013:  I finally got it. Pictures added.

So I wrote last year about this fantastic strategy game for the iPhone/iPad and Android called "Plague Inc".  Similar to the game Pandemic 2.0 (according to those who have played that game), it puts you in the position of spreading a virus throught the world, with the point of infecting and killing everyone.  You can up the symptoms, alter how it's delivered, all the while trying to avoid having the virus cured.

In the game you can choose between Bacteria, Fungus, Virus, Bioweapon and even a Zombie virus (with the newest update), each of which requires a different way of approaching things.

Some of the achievements on here are crazy difficult to get, and seems to require a lot of luck in how things happen, as many of the events that go in in the game are completely random (I've had the Olympics go on in multiple different years), however one that I had been trying to get for awhile was for the United States to nuke Russia or China.

Well I finally got part all of the equation necessary, and it kind of made me chuckle a little bit when the events popped up on the screen to let me know I had activated an event.  Not necessarily because I was overcome with glee, but just because it seemed kind of an odd thing to throw in there out of nowhere.

                                         MORE AFTER THE BREAK

So I (using a cheat that is allowed through the game of unlimited DNA) I basically amped up just about all the transmission points (water to get past the ships filters, and the air to get past plane filters, allowing it to travel out of the country), as well as blood and insects (which affect the poorer nations), while also ramping up my drug resistences (to affect the wealther nations that had the expensive and awesome drug cocktails).  This infected the entire world in minutes.  I also devolved any mutations that would come along that would create symptoms.  Symptoms = being noticed = cure begins to be found.

So once everything was 100% infected, I made the virus a little bit lethal but not TOO lethal.

Oh and here's the trigger to getting the achievement of Nuking another country (Which I haven't fully gotten yet).  You have to upgrade to the "Insanity" symptom.   You'll see why in a bit.

So once I did had Insanity selected, while making the lethality low, I had to sit back and wait for good bit.  Devolving anything that made it too lethal (Coma, Necrosis, etc) was a definite must.  You can't kill everyone off.

Suddenly this pops up on the screen.

Oh yeah and I named my disease that was destroying the world, "Bigotry".  I'd like to make it clear I didn't necessarily have the name in mind when I was seeking out this achievement, it just happened that way.

So after the president becomes ill, you have to wait some more.  I amped up the lethality a bit, because as you can see, the cure was getting close to being found, at 86%.  I kept hitting the genetic reshuffle, which knocks their progress back a bit, but it didn't knock it back far enough as I was wondering if I'd even get the nuke achievement or not.

THEN is when the kicker happens that made me chuckle.  The following event popped up right at the end where the virus was about to be cured:

Sooooooo, yeah.  Due to the "insanity" being upgraded, the country bypasses the Vice President and elects "SPalin".

Then the way you get the achievement (which I didn't get because I ended up having to ramp up the lethality so much to avoid being cured, that it wiped out everyone before it could happen), is you THEN, after Palin is elected President, you upgrade the symptom "Paralysis".  This prevents the Generals from stopping "SPalin" from nuking Russia and/or China.

I have to say it's kind of a funny thing, although I guess if you're Sarah Palin or her supporters you may not think it is, particularly with the "Insanity" aspect of it.  That said, it's kind of a ballsy move for the creator to throw that in there, considering that there's no doubt some of her fans that play the game and aren't very happy about it.

At this point, though, she's fairly irrelevant and exists only to throw red meat to the wolves of the Tea Party and the extreme fringes of the right wing, so maybe it's not that big a deal.

Kinda funny though I admit.


So I finally got the Nuke achievement (at least one of them).  There are two Nuke related achievements for the game. One to Nuke Russia and one to Nuke China.  Haven't gotten China yet, but I DID get Russia twice.  Maybe because due to Spalin being able to see them from her house, it was the easiest one to get.

Here are two more screengrabs for the rest of the scenario.

Once you have Palin elected, what you need to do is select "paralysis" symptom, which paralyzes the Generals and they cannot stop the President from Nuking another country.

As you can see I did this with a different name, one I was using previously with a Zombie virus.  I just forgot to change it when starting a new game.

Soon after you get that notification, you get the following one.

And that, boys and girls, is how Russia gets nuked because of Insanity and a virus called Zombax-12.

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