Mar 17, 2013

The One Where I Need To Write More

So yeah, it's been awhile huh?  I haven't written a whole lot lately, and I have been struggling to figure out why.  It's not like there hasn't been things in the news that have provoked me to want to speak on it.  Then I kind of came to the realization tonight that it feels like I've been writing in circles.  I'm essentially writing the same things over and over on a small group of topics.  Namely racism, homophobia and religion, with those three often intersecting with one another.

And so while I've had quite a few things come up recently that I would have normally torn into and written a long piece about, I feel too much of "Been There, Done That", and it's no longer that interesting to me.  Also so many of these people who I normally would have been upset at something outrageous they said, it's just almost sad now to look at them and I just don't have the ...whatever, to rip into them.

I need to find some new topics to write about, which I plan on doing.  Hopefully I can recharge, so to speak, and bring some more content here on topics other than those big three, because quite honestly, if I never write on those subjects again, it'd be just fine for me.

So I just ask that those of you who have been faithfully reading my website over the last five years that I've been doing this (Five years next month!) just be patient, and hopefully things will pick up again soon.

Thank you all for indulging me my thoughts on this blog.  Hopefully the next five years, and beyond, will be even better.

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