Jan 15, 2013

The One Where Chief Keef Apparently Needs To Be Free

This is one of those times I hate social media.  Twitter in particular.

Today the world was done a huge favor when "rapper" Chief Keef was arrested and put back in jail for violating his probation.  This fine upstanding citizen was on probation because he was pointing a gun at Chicago police officers.   Then while on probation he was forbidden from having any contact with firearms, and yet there he was at a New York gun range, firing a gun.

So after news broke that he was sent back to jail on the probation violations, sure enough all the morons on twitter came out with the "Free Chief Keef" tweets to the point that "Free Chief Keef" is trending on twitter. This has become the norm of fans of whatever artist happens be arrested this week.  They get arrested, put in jail, and right away all the "Free Rapper X" tweets start.

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Never mind that in 9 times out of 10 these dudes are locked up for bullshit that they DID.   Never mind the fact that in many cases the rappers committed extremely violent crimes such as murder or rape/sexual assault.  Never mind that in a lot of these cases they are doing things that are detrimental to their community, whether it's drugs or gun violence.  No, we need to rally for them and get them out of jail.

How about a "fuck it, let him stay" tweet campaign?   That would more represent the reality of the situation.  There's no reason for me to go over the litany of reasons this guy is a waste of everyone's time, because his record speaks for itself.  He has been charged over the years with heroin manufacturing/distribution, pointed a loaded gun at police officers chasing him multiple times before being caught, was implicated in the death of fellow Chicago rapper "Lil Jo Jo" who had he had allegedly had an altercation with, (Lil Jo Jo's mother believes Keef paid to have her son murdered), and a few probation violations including the charge of being interviewed at a firing range -- himself firing a gun, which got him locked up.

So if there's anyone that needs to be locked up, I think it's Keef.  No freeing needed here.

But there's another side of this which kind of irritates me.  I'm not in favor of people going to jail, but in some cases it is necessary.   That being said, this nonsense that people spout of  "Free" so and so, is extremely disrespectful.   The idea of rallying behind a prisoner and chanting "Free" whoever, has traditionally been used for political prisoners.  Mumia Abu Jamal is a political prisoner.  Assata Shakur was a political prisoner. Julian Assange is a political prisoner.  Bradley Manning is a political prisoner. Aung San Suu Kyi, was a political prisoner.

Chief Keef is not a political prisoner, he's just an ignorant so-called rapper who DID the shit he's accused of which is getting him locked back up.   He's in a picture, in the interview holding a gun at a firing range, when he's been explicitly told he cannot be around firearms after pointing a loaded gun at police.   No matter what you think of the police, that's a dumb ass thing to do.

And for those people out there tweeting "Free Chief Keef" it just shows that you have very little historical knowledge that you would just throw that out there as if this dumb rapper is on the same level as Mumia or Bradley or Julian or any of the other political prisoners over the years.

Stop with the nonsense.  He's just a dumb rapper wannabe that got caught up for doing shit he did.  Be glad he's off the streets.  It's not like he was changing the world for the better while he was on them.

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