Dec 9, 2012

Searching For Chet Baker Podcast Episode 5

I'm back with another podcast of hot indie artists from the genres of Rap, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Blues and Soul music.   All of these artists are independent artists and none are backed by a major label, although a few have guest appearances by names that may be familiar to a lot of mainstream fans.

As per usual, I've included links to the artists' twitter pages so you can follow/connect with them, as well as their bandcamp pages where applicable, to buy their music.  I encourage you to do so and to support these artists, so eventually artists will realize that the major labels are not necessary for success.

Also as per usual, there is a variety of styles and genres here encompassing Rap, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Blues and Funk.   If all you listen to is one type of music and you don't want to expand your mind, this is not the podcast for you.  I highlight good music period.  When you close doors that lead to different music, you're limited your experiences, and that's never a good thing.

Searching For Chet Baker Podcast: Episode 5

01. K-Murdock Intro
02. Adair Lion feat. Siah S - Radio (Download Mixtape At AdairLion.Com)
03. Camiliano - Farewell (Download Album On Bandcamp)
04. Panacea - Starlite (prod by K-Murdock) (Buy On Bandcamp)
05. Brendan Reilly & Redtenbacher's Funkestra - Turned On (Buy On CDBABY.COM)
06. Jeff Campbell - Ear Candy (Buy On Amazon MP3)
07. Suave + Prospek - This Can't Work (Download On Bandcamp)
08. Locksmith - Where I Came From (Buy On CDBABY.COM)
09. Tony Ozier - Funkin Wit U (Buy On Bandcamp)
10. Daniel D feat. Steve Oliver & Will Donato - So Beautiful (Buy On Amazon MP3)
11. Shei Atkins feat. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire - No Love (Buy On Amazon MP3)
12. Gangstagrass feat. Kool Keith - Western (Buy On Amazon MP3)
13. Snake Hollywood - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Mixtape Coming Soon!)
14. John Johnson - The Hardway (Buy On CDBABY)
15. Wendisue - The Sickness (Buy On CDBABY)
16. Evidence - Falling Down (Buy On Amazon MP3)
17. Jasiri X - The 10 Frisk Commandments (Download On Bandcamp)

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