Sep 18, 2012

The One Where I Wonder What Happened To Remy Shand

UPDATE: June 7th 2013.  The Man....Is BACK!

Well this sure as hell came out of nowhere.  Apparently for the past two weeks Remy has been posting new music (and some old music) on his Youtube channel (Check it out and subscribe here).  Whether this means he's back for another album or what, I don't know.  I'm glad to have him back though.  It'll be interesting now to see if he can equal or surpass his fantastic debut "The Way I Feel".  

Also his Youtube Banner reads "Remy Records" so this could mean he's got his own label to sign new artists to, which is kinda cool I think. CLICK HERE To go to his Youtube page and check out his new music!  His "Killing Fields" performance is great.

Also one last thing.  Previously his website redirected to Motown's main page.  Now it redirects to Universal Music Canada's page.   Guess we know who he's signed to now.


In 2002, Winnepeg singer Remy Shand released his debut album "The Way I Feel" on Motown's label and garnered critical acclaim, went Gold in the US and garnered 4 Grammy nominations.   The album was incredible, and the fact that he wrote, produced, engineered, arranged it and performed all the instruments only added to the impressive nature of the so-called blue eyed soul singer.

Then, despite the fact that the official website at stated he was working on his followup album, that album never came and Remy just vanished from the public eye.  And I don't mean vanished in the sense of "oh yeah, he doesn't record anymore, and he's raising a family in the adirondacks and there are sightings every now and again", this is a situation of someone seemingly vanishing off the face of the earth.

No sightings, no statements, no nothing.  The official domain now redirects to Motown's Universal Music Canada's main label page, and aside from rumors and speculation about a problem with his marriage that could have contributed to his stepping away, there's been nothing.

                                                         MORE AFTER THE BREAK

And unlike other artists such as D'Angelo and Lauryn Hill and Maxwell who stepped away from the spotlight for a lengthy amount of time, this is different in several respects.  First of all, for the most part we still heard from those people.  They either showed up on a random guest appearance on an album, or they were spotted out and about at a premiere, or in the case of D'angelo there were legal issues.

Another difference is that those three had a good amount of music that they had contributed to the music loving audience.   D'angelo had two studio albums, and a slew of guest spots with artists like Roy Hargrove, Common and The Roots.  Plus a lot of live bootlegs that are out in the tape trading community. Lauryn had one solo album, but also a few albums with the hip hop collective The Fugees, as well as guest spots including one with D'Angelo. She also put out an MTV Unplugged before her sabbatical.

Maxwell had three albums and an MTV unplugged as well.  All of those artists, left the game with a good deal of music to listen to so if, God forbid, they never recorded again, you would have a small catalog of music to enjoy.

Image via The Couch Sessions
Now, Remy Shand?  From what I can gather there's less than 15 songs out there by Remy.  His debut album, and a few bonus tracks on international releases.   There's also a live recording of a show he did in Italy, which you can download by clicking here.

And that's it, that's all.   He releases a multiple Grammy nominated album that got criticall acclaim, and then just vanishes.  It's the most inexplicable thing I've ever seen.  I mean when have you ever heard of an artist releasing a well received album and then just disappearing.  No more music, no more appearances, no more word of your existence, just disappeared without a trace?

This has been such a surprise to many people that, on a post I did of Remy Shand last year it still to this day attracts a good deal of traffic from google with people typing in "What happened to Remy Shand?".  

There's a twitter page and blog for Where's Remy Shand?, and a number of blogs such as Bama Loves Soul have posted various things wondering what happened to this man who is so talented and just left the scene without word.  In fact the only things we seem to know about his life since then is the sad fact that his mother passed away in 2010 from cancer.

So, the question remains.  What the hell happened to Remy Shand?   How could someone put out a really solid album like "The Way I Feel", get numerous industry accolades, and then just disappear without anyone knowing anything about him?   That defies all things that we would imagine to be true.

Particularly in this day and age of social media and cell phone cameras and whatnot.  You would think that someone would have seen him or heard from him.

Well, here's hoping he is alright, wherever he is, and while I'd love to hear more music from the guy, I suppose that's not our say.   We may get to that point where we feel the artist owes us music, but in reality they are people just like us and sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes life changes and priorities change.

Wherever you are, Remy, I hope you're happy and content.

Below is arguably his best song, and his lead single called "Take A Message".   Enjoy, folks.

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  1. Hey,
    Just discovered your article while surfing and listening to that record. Indeed he just vanished... sad :-(
    I live in France, worked as a sound technician these years and I remember when he came in Paris, in July 2002. I was still a student, it was during my work experience month. The company I was hired in was a sound reinforcement provider and was specialized in music live shows. We were the only technical partner for the Elysée-Montmartre venue (which has burnt since and is definitely closed, too bad) and one evening I was supposed to be there for the show of a "who is that guy again" artist. No one knew him, or his style, I clearly remember we had trouble setting the Mic kit because we had no idea of what he was playing, and the poor setup we received from the manager was not really exhaustive. I tried to find some samples but in 2002 it was not that easy without the Youtube we know now, no Facebook and even Myspace. So we head there, I set the stage and met that guy, very discreet, not talking that much, but once on stage... WOW ! The band was good too. I remember we had trouble with the DI box at the beginning of the show, he called while playing and we went to change it. That was a very good surprise, and I bought his album a few weeks later (once again it took me time because Internet retailers weren't as "worldwide" as today) and he was not distributed in France at this time, I don't even know if he is today... is he ?
    Anyway, that is very sad not to have any news from him, he was a real gifted man, maybe the Motown put him under pressure because he was "a no one" and making shadow for those who were selling then. We'll probably never know.
    The only "last souvenir" I have regarding him is hearing "The Way I Feel" on radio while walking in Montreal during a trip there in 2008, and I was with a friend who didn't knew him, but loved soul music. Know I'm sure she's still listening to that record.
    Thanks for the article, and let's hope we could one day hear something new from Remy.


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