Aug 25, 2012

Coin Pusher: The Biggest Scam Game Ever

Growing up my parents belonged to the "Winnebago Club" which was basically a bunch of people who owned Winnebago motor homes and they'd go and stay at campgrounds all over Virginia, and sometimes in other states.  Going to these campgrounds, as a kid, the best part was the campgrounds that had an arcade room.

I'd go and see these games that weren't available at my local malls, and it was fun to play, although I went through who knows how much money.

There were also the "Games of Chance" which were totally rigged, I was sure, such as the Claw Machine where you think you're totally going to get that bear, and then five bucks in quarters later you still don't have it or anything.

The worst offender in the "Games of Chance" which was the biggest scam game in the history of scam games was the "Coin Pusher"

I found a game app on the iStore for the Iphone and Ipad called "Coin Pusher Euro" and it just took me by surprise because I had forgotten all about those days and that game.  The game's incredibly fun to play because you think you're just THISCLOSE to striking it rich, and yet you rarely if ever do.

Check out this video I found on youtube of it. Anyone else had experience dropping tons of quarters on this game?

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