Apr 17, 2012

Ted Nugent investigated by the Secret Service after comments about President Obama

John Raese, Sarah Palin & Ted Nugent in 2010
UPDATE: 1:27pm (April 18th)

Ted Nugent has responded to the Secret Service inquiry into his perceived threats against the President by claiming that he is being targeted because he is the "Black Jew at the Klan/Nazi Rally".

Wow.  I don't even know what to say.  I will give him credit for originality because I don't know that I've heard people combine all those things before.  So there's THAT.

Nothing will happen due to the inquiry, they'll chalk it up to Nugent being Nugent.  We'll see though.


I have to wonder what has taken so long for this guy to get investigated.  Whether or not he would actually do anything to harm the President, I don't know.  I'd like to think he's more talk than action, however he has said some reprehensible things in the past about the President and other Democrats that it's shocking that he hasn't been investigated before, if in fact he hasn't.

Recently he made a comment about how if President Obama is re-elected in November, that by this time next year, Nugent would "be in jail or dead".  Now most people would reasonably take that as a pretty serious and direct threat against the President.  I'm not the only one I'm sure that would take that as him saying that if the President was reelected that he would take drastic action against something that he was opposed to.   "Dead or in jail" is not something that leaves room for speculation.

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So now there are reports that the Secret Service are investigating him, and I think that's pretty obvious that it would happen.   But Nugent has been making a career out of saying crazy shit and I think that he thinks that everything will be dismissed because of his history of this.  I don't know if that defense can get very far when you get ratcheting up the threatening language.

Take this instance back a few years ago when at a concert he made some reprehensible violent comments in regards to the the President (who at the time was running for President) and Hillary Clinton.  Then afterwards, Sean Hannity falls all over himself to defend Nugent.

And now he's made these newer comments, and the Secret Service, rightfully so, have taken issue with it and are "investigating".  More than likely nothing will come of this.  He'll be told to watch the rhetoric and then he'll go on Fox News and scream about how the Obama Administration is trying to silence him and take away his free speech (I'm sure he'll find a way to throw in that Obama is supposedly going to take his guns away despite no evidence to that charge), and things will keep on moving the way they are.

However I wanted to use this situation as an excuse to play a video for you that is kind of interesting.   First off some context on what makes this so interesting.

Back on January 19th 2001, Ted Nugent was on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and Maher brought up some controversy over rapper Eminem and how on a new song, he talks about how much he loves Dre, and Dre responds, "if you ever need someone to kill your wife for you, I'm there.".   And that leads Nugent to start trashing hip hop music.   Transcript below:

MAHER: This kid, who I think is brilliant—I really think that he's a genius. Okay, but he talks about killing his wife. I mean, he's on Dr. Dre's new record, and there's a charming interchange between the two of them where Eminem says, "You know, Dr. Dre, I'd like to tell you how much I love you." And Dr. Dre says back to him, "Thank you. And by the way, if you ever need help in killing your wife, I'm there for you."

NUGENT: Only Dr. Dre sucks more than Eminem, so go ahead, Bill. . . . The whole concept that anyone would be entertained by that just kind of falls on deaf ears. It's almost like dancing to "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" and giving it some moral context.

MAHER: Ted, you have not kept up with the music industry.

NUGENT: You're damn right I haven't. I actually practice my guitar. I'm way out of touch. Yeah, my musicians can actually play. Who do we think we are?

MAHER: I could say some really mean things to you right now.

NUGENT: And they would all be stupid, so go ahead.

MAHER: They wouldn't be.

NUGENT: I have the greatest musicians in the world.

MAHER: You are so wrong about that.

NUGENT: Most of the rap we're talking about, it's all electronic. It's not even human beings 
playing. It's like electronic stuff where they push buttons.

MAHER: Have you listened to it?

NUGENT: Yeah, I've listened to it.

MAHER: Really, you've listened to it?

NUGENT: I've got a house full of kids, and I listen to it all the time.

MAHER: Let me tell you something in terms you can understand: Dr. Dre is the Phil Spector of rap producers.

NUGENT: Aghh! I don't think so.

MAHER: I knew you couldn't understand.

NUGENT: Did you ever hear "River Deep, Mountain High"?

MAHER: I did.

NUGENT: And the orchestration and the intense orchestration that—you don't hear any of that anymore.

MAHER: I brought my brain past the '70s.

NUGENT: I just haven't heard that kind of creative collaboration, but to each his own.

MAHER: All right. Because you closed off at a certain point.

NUGENT: I don't think so. I just did 146 concerts this year and had the time of my life. In fact, Kiss and Ted Nugent was the No. 1 rock tour in the world. I apologize. I know it's not a rap tour, but I use real musicians. To each his own.

So from reading that you have to think, "WOW!  This guy just HATES Hip hop music and would never have anything to do with THAT".  Right?  I mean he only values REAL music not that nasty hip hop, right?

Well, as Cenk Uygur might say, "Wrong again, Bob."

In 1991 Ted Nugent guested on a hip hop/pop track by some guy named "The Don" called "My Big 12 Inch Record", and not only played guitar on it but also did some quasi messed up lame attempt at rapping.   Seriously it's ...you just have to see it for yourself.  NOTE: Nugent comes in around 2:17 and raps around 3:40 after Don's verse.

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