Apr 16, 2012

Coachella gets taste of Thug Passion with Hologram Tupac

So last night, Twitter blew up with Tupac mentions.  That kind of baffled me, but it intrigued me as well.  At first I thought maybe it was a tribute or something at Coachella, but then the videos showed up of Snoop Dogg and a Hologram of Tupac doing their song "2 Of Amerika's Most Wanted".


So yeah.  That happened.

I'll be honest when I first saw the shitty youtube video that initially showed up, just of the track with Snoop I was amped like crazy.  I tweeted out that it one of the greatest things I'd seen in awhile.  And this was based on the mistaken idea that they had somehow taken video from an old live performance and somehow beamed it on stage so it was just him there.

I tweeted that I thought it was incredible how Snoop  had his timing down perfect as there is some back and forth between his lines and Pac's, and how I thought it was cool that there were no instances of stepping on each other's lines or anything.

Then I saw the HD version which had the previous track "Hail Mary" in which Tupac shouts out Coachella, and at that point the magic went away.  I mean, like immediately.  It lost it's luster because it became simply a gimmicky thing.  Is it as bad as Fred Astaire slinging vacuum cleaners?  Probably not, and this was done with the blessing of Pac's mother Afeni Shakur, but it still feels wrong.


I'm not one of those who gets offended at the idea of sullying a legend's name or image or anything like that.   I think at this point that ship has sailed with so many others.  Once you started putting out songs and mixtapes with dead rappers and people they feuded with in real life, you lose that sense of moral superiority when it comes to those things.

That said, I find it interesting that I had less of a problem with this when I didn't realize it was an entirely new performance created from scratch.   I think that I could get with the former idea because at least with how I thought it was, it was still Pac.  It would have still be HIM there rapping, and there was a bit of coordination and choreography needed on Snoop's part.   And I suppose there's STILL that choreography needed, but it just feels differently.

I know a lot of people are hyped over this and others are disgusted.  I'm somewhere in the middle, but I'm definitely farther way from liking it than I am hating it.

Is it wrong that I want to have the legends treated with respect?  And if we can do this, is there a really big stretch to see Tupac or Biggie or Pun doing THIS?

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