Feb 18, 2012

Download my E-Book "Through The Soul's Window" for free! [PDF/EPUB/MOBI]

Late last year I released my book of short stories on Amazon's Kindle store.  It is still available there, if you prefer it in Kindle format, and would like to support me, however I am giving away a review pack of it here with three different formats (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) version of it here.   If you enjoy this, perhaps consider going to the Amazon link and leaving a review so others have a variety of opinions to go from.

This collection, "Through The Soul's Window" compiles short stories that I have written over the last twenty five years or so.  Some fairly old, some more recent with one being written last summer.   The people who have read it (and contacted me afterwards) seem to have enjoyed it, and I hope that you -- whoever YOU are -- do as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Also, I would like to give an enthusiastic and appreciative nod to the great Miami Kaos who came through with that amazing cover for me.  I was humbled to get a Kaos cover for my book.  Check out his work at his website Miami Kaos Art, and you can follow him on twitter as well at @RealMiamiKaos1.

NOTE: Click the cover art below to download the pack that includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI files. (Mediafire link)


Emotions define us, for better or worse. Emotions more times than not dictate how we proceed through our lives. Whether our actions are motivated by guilt or passion or doubt or any number of other emotions, many of us walk around every day with said emotions written across our face viewable by all except ourselves.

Through The Soul's Window is a collection of 12 short stories dealing with people whose actions are driven by their emotions and how they react to them. Some react well, others do not. Some end happily, others do not.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all tend to be driven by emotions, try as we might to avoid it.

DETAILS: 12 Stories / 40 Pages / 16,336 words

Contains some adult themes and mild adult language


01. Playing God: What do you do when you witness someone do something so horrific that goes against everything you believe in. And what if that person is someone that you envisioned making a life with? How does that affect you going forward, and what does your reaction say about you?

02. My Biggest Fear: A scorned lover drowns their sorrow in alcohol soaked memories, as they lament the one that got away, due to a lack of commitment.

03. The Flame: A tragic event births something even more tragic, one that will eventually come full circle.

04. Anniversary: A car crash wipes out the hopes and dreams of a newlywed couple, sending the lone survivor on a year-long spiral of depression and suicidal thoughts. Then he is presented with a potential second chance at the life that he thought he would have.

05. Unconventional Plans: A man seeks solace from the pain and anguish and guilt that he feels after a tragic accident, and finds perhaps the answers to his problems.

06. Ghost Story: Grant Joche, a prospective buyer inspects a fantastic loft in downtown Charlottesville Virginia, and listens to the real estate agent admit to the horrific events that took place in the building, which has caused many to shy away from renting.

07. My Encounter With Morris: Julian is a recovering addict who immediately upon drying out, packs everything up and moves away from everyone and thing he knows in an attempt to get a fresh start....to the worst possible place.

08. Circle Of Life: Four kids are at the end of their night of trick-or-treating when one of them is dared to go to the house of a mysterious resident. There have been stories about what happened to Gerald, and his mental makeup, however no one really knows for sure. What young Dylan finds up there is not at all what he expected.

09. A Hero's Guilt: What should have been a routine flight for a rookie US Marshal, the shooting of a armed man running for the cockpit door turns this supposed-to-be routine flight into a life changing situation for more than one person.

10. The Forgotten Letter: Clearing out the attic after his mother passes away, he finds a letter from the father that he barely knew -- but despised. This was a letter he had never seen though, and it was addressed to him. The shocking contents will change him forever.

11. Vegas Baby: They say "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas". She can only wish that were true, as the memories of what happened in Vegas, and her actions that led to them, are going to be burned into her mind forever.

12. Time Out: Roman and Margaret meet up in a bar, and once the introductions and pleasantries are exchanged, the games of seduction and flirtations begin, leading both up to a line that, at least one of them, is not sure they are ready to cross.

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