Feb 7, 2012

Bill O'Reilly: Bigotry against pro-life people way more than bigotry against LGBT"

I typically don't respond to anything that Bill O'Reilly says, because let's be honest, he's a troll.  He and those like him such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are all trolls.  They say things that they know are going to rile up those on the opposite political spectrum, and often they may not even TRULY believe what they say, they just do it because they want to see the sparks fly.

So that in mind, I tend to just roll my eyes, perhaps make a comment on twitter or facebook, and then just keep it moving.  Today however I'm not able to do that because what he said not only is something I think he honestly believes, but also is something that is incredibly ignorant and pretty incredible in it's tone deafness.

In a conversation with Bernie Goldberg on O'Reilly's show, Goldberg expressed outrage at a conservative group that is trying to get Ellen Degeneres fired from her endorsement role with JC Penneys, because she's a lesbian.  Goldberg, surprisingly enough, correctly labeled trying to get someone fired due to their sexual orientation as "bigotry", causing O'Reilly to say that he felt that bigotry against "pro-life" people was much more than that against gay people.


So this is my open letter to Bill O'Reilly.


Mr. O'Reilly, what about the Indian actor who was disowned by his family because he starred in a gay themed movie, which was likened to Brokeback Mountain?  Kicked out of his home and had his inheritance and blood ties revoked.

[T]he Bombay Times reports that Yuvraaj Parasher has been disowned by his family and thrown [out] of the family home in Agra because of his role in the film. His father Satish Parasher told the newspaper: “I feel what he has done is against the culture and tradition of our country and it challenges the purity of the relationship between a man and a woman. He kept us in the dark right from when he signed the film and told us that he is acting with a girl. When we heard about the poster and the things he has done in the film, we were shocked, hurt and humiliated. People will make fun of us and we won’t be able to live peacefully ever again.”

He added that “his mother is totally devastated. We are a respected family and I’m appalled that he is playing a gay man’s role. We’re finished. All the dreams and hopes we had built around him are over. For just a film role, he has lost out on his blood ties. We don’t want to see his face ever… not even when we are dying.” The family claim that no woman will consider marrying him after playing a gay man on-screen.
Has that ever happened to a pro-life individual, Bill?  Or what about the teenager who got his wish to be crowned Prom Queen at his school, and was then kicked out of his family's home as a result?

Prom will be a night Omar Bonilla will remember for several reasons.

The gay Flanagan High School senior who was suspended by the school before the prom because he wanted to wear a dress got a chance to participate in a different kind of prom on Saturday night.

Not only was he the special invited guest of Pridelines Youth Services gay prom at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus, but he also was name prom "queen," reports the Miami Herald.

But all the publicity came at a costly price. Bonilla, 19, was disowned by his family right after the dance.
His parents apparently didn't like the fact that Bonilla dressed in drag (a blue sequined dress with the back cut out) and was referred to by his feminine alter ego, Allison Rodriguez, at the prom.
Again, is this something that routinely happens with pro-life people?   Personally I don't think so.  I could be wrong, but aside from a few instances of someone online saying they'd never date someone who is a pro-life person or whatever, I haven't found any instances of it happening to pro-life people.

How about the gay man who when he told his father he was gay, his father sent the 18 year old off to a psych ward?  Because obviously gay men and women are mentally ill, right?

Has anyone ever forced a pro-life person into a psych ward against their will?

What about those who have been killed due to their being gay, Bill? How many pro-life people have been killed due to their pro-life stance?  How many have been bullied into suicide?  How many have been told they are an abomination?  Who is despised and hated by God?  Who is going to Hell?  Have any pro-life people EVER been subjected to that, Bill? Have pro-life people ever been subjected to humiliating and degrading tests to verify their pro-life status, as have some gay refugees?

Has there ever been a single instance in the history of the world, of a pro-life person being beaten, tortured and left tied to a fence to die? Suffering fractures to their skull and many lacerations around the face?  Has that ever happened to someone due to their pro-life beliefs, Mr. O'Reilly?  Because that has happened to a gay person due to bigotry.

There are numerous instances of these things happening to the LGBT community.  Where is all the bloodshed in the pro-life community?   I mean besides the bloodshed committed BY the pro-life community, such as Scott Roeder who killed Dr. George Tiller in his church lobby.

Bill, I think that it's unfortunate that you would sincerely not understand how completely ill informed that statement was.  There are LGBT kids who are being disowned and/or killed all the time, unfortunately, and to attempt to diminish that by comparing it to the supposed discrimination and "bigotry" against pro-life people is disingenuous and dishonest and quite frankly, offensive.

You are not a stupid man.  You know the power of your platform and you know the power of your words and how influential you are.  I sincerely wish you would clarify your statement on your show, however I have no delusions of that happening.   Jon Stewart is fond of saying that you are the most reasonable person on Fox News.  This is a great way for you to prove that statement true.

But I doubt you will, to be honest.  And that's sad.


  1. The hardships of LGBT citizens compared to pro-life activists is not in the same ball park. Thanks, Gary, for answering Bully Bill O'Reilly as you have.

    Antonia Marrero

  2. Thanks for the open letter. Posting the link to my Facebook page & to Bi Activists discussion group.

    -- TheSuburban Bi blogger

  3. Thank you. Feel free to send me an invite to your discussion group, if you like.



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