Aug 29, 2011

[MUSIC VIDEO] Christian Kane ( @ChristianKane01 ) "Let Me Go"

This is the brand new video by singer/actor Christian Kane (Leverage, Angel) off of his great album "The House Rules".   This is the second release, after the title track was released earlier this year.

This is a nice video, and has a more country feel rather than the Rockin' vibe of his previous single.  Check it out, and feel free to leave your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

Aug 23, 2011

[NEW MUSIC] @Camiliano feat. Juju of The Beatnuts - Circus

My friend Camiliano has released his new track "Circus" featuring Juju from the hip hop group The Beatnuts, and it's definitely a must hear!   Cam has always come with that real music with substance, and this is no different as he reps Crown City to the fullest.  Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Aug 13, 2011

IRONY ALERT! Obama plans to attack Romney's faith?

In November of 2008 I voted for Barack Obama for various reasons, however a big one is that I was just not comfortable voting for John McCain. I admit I bought into a lot of what Obama was selling as far as "Change" and "Hope" and all that stuff, however, a big part is that I did not like McCain and felt that there were too many things about him I did not like.

One aspect that I didn't like is that he came off as someone that had no integrity and did not hold on to those things that he held sacred. He had changed his opinion depending on how the political winds blew on a particular day, and reports about his temper didn't help. But it was something else that particularly bothered me.


Aug 11, 2011

Steve Harvey gets it wrong about Tavis Smiley & Cornel West

UPDATE: Friday 1:24am

Added the video at the very bottom of Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks addressing this situation.  I think he makes some great points, including one that I forgot to include in my original piece.

Harvey makes comments about West and Smiley and how they are bitter for them not being invited to the White House, and says that they are simply upset at being snubbed.

However, as Cenk points out, if you are progressive and don't support the President 100%, then you get left out in the cold, no matter how much you supported and campaigned for him, as did Cornel West.

Yet Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and other right wingers who continue to shit on him every day gets to come in there all the time.   And as I mentioned, Harvey, who is a big supporter of the President no matter what, got an invite to the Birthday celebration as well.

So apparently Steve Harvey took issue with Cornel West and Tavis Smiley's criticisms of President Obama recently as they have been promoting their "Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience".

On his radio show, Harvey went in pretty hard at West and Smiley over the criticism that they have leveled against this administration, and how the low/middle income Americans are getting screwed while the rich keep on getting richer, often at the expense of said low/middle income Americans.


Aug 10, 2011

[REVIEW] Vessel - Elements (Demo)

My music tastes cover virtually every style and manner of music that's out there.  Hip hop, classical, Jazz, Rock, R&B, a tad bit of Opera, and even some country and bluegrass.

So there's very little music that I can't get with, but it has to be good music.  It can be my favorite type of music in the world, but if the music sucks, then it sucks plain and simple.  Nothing you can really sugarcoat that with to make it more palatable.

I had never heard of the group, Vessel, before two days ago.  Last year I helped fund the debut album by indie artist Joshua Watkinson, who's album was fantastic and you can read my review HERE and then check out the interview I did with him HERE.   After listening to his album, I added him on facebook, and set up the interview.


Aug 6, 2011

Michelle Bachman and the Case of the Unasked Question

Over the past few weeks, Republican Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman has been repeatedly asked about her role in her husband's clinic in which it has been revealed that they advocate a sort of reparative therapy for homosexuals, also known as "pray away the Gay".    While her husband, Marcus Bachman, has denied that this is what the clinic does, there has been footage released online showing that it does just that.

So far Michelle Bachman has dodged all questions, refusing to address it other than to say that she's proud of her husband and that he should be off limits because SHE is the one running for office, not him (or her kids or foster kids).

And while there are many solid and relevant questions that have been asked of her regarding the clinic, and the fact that it allegedly practices a widely dismissed and harmful form of "therapy", and that it receives federal funding, this isn't even the most important question in my mind.   I think that many in the media are missing the most important aspect to Bachman.

While it may be true that her husband is not running for President, and that she is, there is something that she has said in the past that I think brings her husband into the conversation in a highly relevant way.


Aug 5, 2011

Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo and the Case Of the Entitled Fan

Last week Jay Smooth from Illdoctrine posted a video that was incredible in it's simplicity and yet stunning in how succinctly and perfectly it summed up an issue that so many of us deal with.   The sense of entitlement that we, as fans, feel towards those artists that we love.

Lauryn Hill, formerly of the hip hop group The Fugees, recently gave birth to her sixth child.   News of this spread through the internet and onto twitter where there were people who wished Lauryn the best and sent well wishes for her and her child, and then there were those who had to take the selfish route and cynically suggest that she should focus more on releasing another album, which she has not done in quite awhile.    This caused Jay Smooth to give his thoughts on this, which were well thought out and saturated with realism and truth, as is the usual with him.

First I will let you watch the video for yourself, and then afterwards I want to talk about this, because it is something that hit home for me, and I recognized things that I myself am guilty of.