Dec 28, 2011

[REVIEW] Marvin Ambrosius: A Taste of Ambrosius


The other day I came across this mixtape called "A Taste of Ambrosius" by singer Marvin Ambrosius. 

Marvin Ambrosius seems to be less of a reflection of today's R&B scene as much as he is a throwback to the old 90's artists that were very soulful and seductive at the same time with a bit of a club feel.  Imagine Jodeci with a UK twist.

One of the interesting aspects of the 90's style of R&B (and to an extent it still goes on) was the penchant for lyrics that in another context would be problematic.

Comedian Elon James White who has the excellent podcast "This Week in Blackness" had a brilliant video up about the song "Please Excuse My Hands" by Jamie Foxx, The Dream and Plies, and joked about some of the suspect lyrics in there and deduced that it was one of the "top 10 most rapiest songs ever".

Ambrosius' lyrics aren't quite in that category, however I must note that the song Hush has a lyric that I posted on twitter and sarcastically noted that it was the most romantic line ever.  I won't even spoil it by posting it here, so go out and cop the mixtape and hear it for yourself.

The thing about that 90's era sex jams type music is that there were lyrics that were CLEARLY about the act of getting down, and yet as with a lot of lyrics I'm sure, you could take those lyrics out of that song and put them in another situation and it could be "Game Over" time, if ya know what I mean.

I was digging this tape from the moment the synths began on the opening track, "Mixtape". As I mentioned above this feels kind of like a throwback to some of that really dope 90's R&B/soul music, just with a modern UK twist to it.  Most of the songs are the more up tempo ones, although it has a few of the slower tracks, including the spectacular closing song "(The Real) Marvin's Room".

Overall this is a very solid mixtape by an artist that is on the rise now.  When I was on his bandcamp page, I saw the tags for the music and  it had it listed as "Futuristic R&B".  I had just done a review for Dezaray Dawn's EP which is also in this genre and I mentioned in that review that I had never really heard that genre mentioned before. 

Now that I've heard that and this I have a better idea of what that entails, and I get it.  I like it as well.  As I mentioned there as well there's a UK soul/electronic band that kinda fits into that category as well called Slow Train Soul and I heard little elements of them in Dezaray and Marvin's releases, which is a good thing, I believe.

I highly encourage you to go and get this if you can.  You can get this by going to Marvin Ambrosius' Bandcamp page and downloading it.  It's FREE!  What are you waiting for? 

Highlights: Mixtape, Download Me,(The Real) Marvin's Room, Soula System



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