Dec 11, 2011

[REVIEW] Dezaray Dawn: Chameleon (EP)


There seems to be an influx of female artists over the past several years that have eschewed the idea of selling their sex for success, and instead are falling back on a perhaps often overlooked attribute: talent.

I did a review awhile back by an artist named "Lina" which was called "The Inner Beauty Movement" and that also had that female empowerment aspect to it featured in songs such as "I'm Leaving", which had the line "I'm leaving you, for me." 

Emily King is another strong female artist that relies on her talents to win her acclaim rather than trying to shock the system with sex appeal.  It seems that somewhere along the way we've seen female artists slip away from the old way of doing things and just basically get in anyway they can.  Almost as if they don't have enough faith in their talents to have people base their verdicts on their music alone. 

Dezaray Dawn, an independent soul artist living in Atlanta Georgia, is a very talented artist who's EP "Chameleon" is really good.  As I was listening to it I found myself sort of recalling various artists I've heard in the past (as I tend to do with all music) and certain aspects of either her voice or pieces of the drum tracks or overall production would bring to mind other great music as well, which allowed me to appreciate this even more.

A fantastic group that I would most compare the feel of some of these tracks is a UK trip hop/down tempo group called Slow Train Soul.  They also used that drum-step type beat (not sure of the proper terminology, mind you) and an, at times, almost hypnotic trance type beat.  They also dabbled in the electronic aspects which Dezaray seems very comfortable in.

I liked the very positive vibes that emanates from her songs, such as the title track "Chameleon", as well as "Da Day" and probably my favorite track on the EP, "Don't Look Down." 

I saw this being described as "Future Soul" as in Dezaray being part of the "Future Soul Movement".   I have to say I've never really been familiar with that phrase, although I imagine it relates to soul music infused with electronic/broken beats/dub step elements. However I definitely have to say that if she is able to continue to reproduce the quality of this EP, then she definitely is representative of the Future of Soul Music.

I encourage everyone to check out Dezaray's website were you can learn more about her and her music.

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