Nov 5, 2011

The Roots announce new album #UNDUN, release 1st of 4 videos

The Legendary Roots Crew are just what their name suggests.  Legendary.  They are bonafide royalty in this hip hop game, and next month they release their 13th album (And first concept album) called UNDUN which will tell a story, only backwards.

This has been one helluva year or so for The Roots.  They released their last album "How I Got Over" late last year, and then dropped the collaboration with John Legend called "Wake Up!".  Both were nominated for Grammys, with Legend's joint effort with the Roots garnering the Best R&B album award.

How I Got Over was the best album I heard in the past year, and this new album is rumored to be even better, if not the best of their entire career.  That's a high bar to surpass, but if any group can do it it's The Roots.

Below is the official cover artwork that ?uestlove posted up on OkayPlayer, and below that is the first of four short videos that will lead up to the release date of December 8th.   As Bart Scott so eloquently put it, "Can't Wait!"

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