Oct 22, 2011

Ben Affleck to direct Stephen King's "The Stand" for Warner Brothers?

Before logging off to go to bed tonight (this morning?) I ran across this piece by Mike Fleming over at Deadline.com which reports that Warner Brothers wants Ben Affleck to adapt and direct Stephen King's great novel "The Stand", which had previously been made into a miniseries.   While a lot of people didn't like the original miniseries and felt it didn't adequately represent the novel, I quite enjoyed it.  I particularly thought Rob Lowe was fantastic as the character of Nick, a deaf mute who plays a critical role in the overall story.

The moment I read this news, I was ecstatic!   I love the story of The Stand, and I've long been a big fan of Ben Affleck.  Even when he was getting kicked while he was down during the whole Gigli phase, I always defended him.  I thought he was a very funny guy, particularly in the Kevin Smith films, and unlike so many others I think he actually can act and act well.  He's rebounded something fierce in the last several years, particularly when it comes to his behind the camera work in his films Gone Baby Gone and The Town, both amazing films.

So while The Stand is a huge undertaking and is not something to be taken lightly, I think that Affleck definitely has the chops to pull it off.  When it comes to writing and directing, you really can't find much to fault, if anything.   With his acting, there are times that he can come off as trying too hard, particularly with the comedy, although I've always enjoyed his comedy.

I respect anyone who can laugh at themselves and not take themselves seriously, which Affleck has done on a number of occasions, particularly in his stints as host of Saturday Night Live, and in the movie Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.   I've seen almost everything he's done, and I think that in the last several years he's proven himself completely as a capable writer/director.

So I hope that Affleck does get this job, and I have faith that The Stand will come out as a great adaptation for the big screen.   One thing that needs to be made sure of though, is that Affleck is a fan and truly loves the novel.   We can't have people who don't understand or love the source material to adapt it, because then they won't really know what makes people love it so much.  They won't have that connection to it and are only doing it for the money, not the love of the material (see just about any video game movie ever made).

Below is a trailer for the mini-series of The Stand, as well as trailers to both of Affleck's directorial efforts, "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town".
Affleck is currently filming his third movie "Argo".

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