Sep 15, 2011

Jason Smith exits ESPN's All Night to join the NFL Network

UPDATE: I've been getting an incredible number of hits over the Jason story, and felt I should update it to list not only where he's at now (more details anyway) and how to follow him on twitter (for those who don't already follow him).

Follow Jason on Twitter at @HowAboutAFresca

He is now at and has a fantasy sports blog there, as well as doing other things with the NFL Network.   Click HERE to access his fantasy sports blog the "Fantasy Blog Log Blog".

Hopefully that gives those coming here the information they need!   Enjoy.


This past week Jason Smith, the host of ESPN's "All Night" radio show, announced that he was leaving the network that he had been at for the past six years.   After speculation about where he was going to end up, including one rumor that he was going to the MLB Network, he announced on his show tonight that he was taking his talents to the NFL Network where he will not only be on air talent, but also will write for

I've listened to Jason for the better part of ten years now.   Back immediately after the September 11th attacks in 2001, I found myself looking through the radio dial trying to find something that would take my mind off of what was going on in the world.  I landed on Fox Sports Radio, and Jason was on a show called "The Sarge & The Bad Lieutenant", he being The Bad Lieutenant, a reference to Harvey Keitel's character in the movie of the same name.

I listened to that show for several hours as they talked about the attacks, and how the sports leagues were cancelling games, and whatnot.   As I listened I felt relieved that there was someone there that felt like I did.  Confused and angry and just kind of lost.   In the years after that I listened to Jason as he bounced from show to show on the Fox Sports Radio network, whether it was with Sarge, or by himself, or with Jim Daniels, or his friend Ben Maller.


Then he left Fox Sports Radio and for awhile I didn't hear him again, until he popped up on ESPN, taking over for Todd Wright in the "All Night" slot.  That was six years ago.   And now he is leaving ESPN, and moving on again.

Much like back in the aftermath of September 11th, over the years Jason has helped a lot of people take their minds off of their troubles in their lives.  For several hours at a time, people could unplug from their jobs or the troubles in their lives, and listen to him talk about sports stories, and his tendency to curse teams by speaking well of them, or about his life with his wife Pam and daughter Zoe.

He brought a personal touch to the show in a profession that can sometimes be very impersonal.  A lot of shows don't really bond with the listeners, but Jason was great in putting his personal life out there, talking about embarrassing things he's done, famous people he's ran into, such as Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights, and his never ending love of the New York Jets.

Now that he's moving on to the NFL Network, it's kind of weird to not have him on each night, or seeing him on Jim Rome's "Rome is Burning", and yet I know he's going to no doubt have fun, and I'm sure things are going to work out with him and his family.

Thanks for all the great years and fun times, Jason.  Below is a picture that Jason's wife Pam posted up on twitter as a "hint" to where he was heading.

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