Aug 13, 2011

IRONY ALERT! Obama plans to attack Romney's faith?

In November of 2008 I voted for Barack Obama for various reasons, however a big one is that I was just not comfortable voting for John McCain. I admit I bought into a lot of what Obama was selling as far as "Change" and "Hope" and all that stuff, however, a big part is that I did not like McCain and felt that there were too many things about him I did not like.

One aspect that I didn't like is that he came off as someone that had no integrity and did not hold on to those things that he held sacred. He had changed his opinion depending on how the political winds blew on a particular day, and reports about his temper didn't help. But it was something else that particularly bothered me.


Back when McCain was running for the nomination against eventual President Bush, the Bush campaign had hired this firm to attack McCain on an intensely personal level. The McCain family had adopted their daughter Bridget, from Bangladesh, and was raising her in their home.

During the 2000 South Carolina primary, a group supporting George W. Bush, headed by Karl Rove, started putting out calls to prospective voters suggesting that McCain had cheated on his wife Cindy, and had fathered a black child. In South Carolina. See, Bush's group was playing on racial hatred of some of the voters.

They would call up and say "would it affect your decision to vote for John McCain if you found out that he fathered a black child out outside of his marriage?"

There were a slew of other dirty tricks by the Bush campaign against McCain, but that was clearly the most despicable. And years later there was an article saying that McCain was still furious about what they did to him and the comments they made about his adopted daughter.

Apparently that "Seething" that he allegedly felt did not last, because McCain hired that same group in his campaign against Barack Obama in 2008. Get that? The very same group that spread those malicious and despicable lies about McCain, based on playing on racist feelings in the south, that group that McCain was reportedly "seething" about, was hired by John McCain to fight against his opponent in 2008.

After hearing that, I knew that even if there was a chance of me voting Republican, that doomed it immediately. There were other issues that I had with McCain, including his openly talking of war with Iran while we're already involved in two wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, but that was a big one.

And I reconciled my vote by saying that Obama was drastically different from McCain. Looking back, I'd still vote the same, despite my feelings of frustration and anger at how President Obama has dealt with a lot of issues. That said, I at least told myself that the two were different enough that it was an obvious choice to make. That Obama at least had the integrity that he would not do what McCain did and employ a firm that had attacked him so viciously and so personally.

Now? I'm not so sure after reading a report recently saying that the President, as the 2010 race is going to start heating up, was allegedly going to attack Mitt Romney, the viewed heavyweight among the Republican nominees for President, by going after his religion. See, the plan was to make comments about Romney and call him "Weird", and hope that those who are opposed to Romney's Mormon faith, and feel his faith is weird, would make that connection.

And shockingly many progressives have applauded that tactic and have viewed that as a sign that the President was finally going to start going on offense, instead of playing defence (bad horrible defense) for all these years.

David Axelrod, his chief of staff, has since come out and said that not only are they not doing that, but that he would fire anyone who did. Personally? I don't believe Axelrod, and think they absolutely planned to do so, and probably will do so if Romney gets the nomination.

And here's my problem: President Obama was slandered and slammed during the 2008 campaign with many accusing him of not being a real Christian, with accusations of him being a secret Muslim, raised in Kenya and going to a Madrassa. It was a dispicable attack on him by many out there, going at him for his religious beliefs. Fox News continued to hammer home the idea that despite his protestations to the contrary, that he wasn't really a Christian and that he was really a Muslim.

Even after he won the election, the religious attacks continued, and even to this day there are those who don't believe he's a Christian, due to all the attack ads and things of that nature that went down in 2008.

So now, that Obama is running for re-election, he's going to allegedly attack his opponent on religious grounds? He's going to take the exact same route against Romney that people used against him? What integrity is that? Is that not the most depressingly ironic thing you've heard?

This is on par with McCain hiring the firm that slandered him and his daughter, when he needed to win.

I can't understand why more people have not addressed this. All I hear is people saying that the President SHOULD attack Romney over his religion. My problem with this is multifold, but my main reasons for this is not just what I named above, but also one more thing that people keep forgetting.

The Constitution demands that we not have a religious test to get into office. It was set up that way so when we elect our officials, those officials don't have to adhere to a specific religious faith. This ties into the dreaded Separation of Church and State that Republicans deny is actually in the Constitution, and if they do acknowledge it, they believe it protects Christianity from every other religion.

However the fact remains that the Constitution forbids a religious litmus test, even though this is probably the least enforced aspect from the Constitution. We are supposed to be able to run for office, whether it's the county clerkship, or the President of the United States, no matter what religious affiliation we have or don't have.

And if you think we actually DON'T have a religious test for candidates, ask yourself this: How many atheists do you think will be elected President? How many Muslims? Buddhists? Yeah, I thought so.

In fact it's gotten to the point where you have to reaffirm over and over your Christian credentials to get into the office of President. I adhere to the Christian Faith (or at least I try to), but I also believe in the Separation of Church and State, something not enough of my Christian brothers and sisters agree with me on.

However despite all my frustrations and anger at how the President has handled his time in office, I still find myself shocked and dismayed that he would even for a second contemplate using the same deplorable tactics that were used against him.

Perhaps he should sit down and think back to how it felt to have something so personal as his faith questioned in such a manner, and wonder if he really wants to be associated with that. Because I'm sure I'm not the only one who will look at him as being worse than those that attacked him. Because he knows what it feels like, and decided to do it anyway.

And that's just sad.

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