Jun 11, 2011

Did Showtime Deliberately Attempt To Humiliate Shane Mosley?

Recently on Showtime, Manny Pacquiao, the general consensus pound for pound champion of boxing, fought Shane Mosley.   There was a lot of cross promotion with CBS (who is owned by the same people that own Showtime), and Showtime put a lot of time and money into this show.   Then on fight night, Shane Mosley seemed to only be interested in showing up and surviving the distance once he felt Manny's power.

Many boxing fans have been outraged at Shane's performance, as well they should.  Many others have pointed out that Showtime should have known better.  Shane looked bad against Sergio Mora, and wasn't much better against Floyd Mayweather Jr., aside from a brief moment in the second round where he wobbled Floyd temporarily.   The idea being that Showtime had to know that Shane was way past his prime, and many felt that he had nothing left, aside from "a name" for Manny's resume.


And yet they went ahead with the fight, dumping a ton of money into a promotion, and selling it as if it was a legitimate fight, which it wasn't.    Then after the fight came word that there would be a final "Fight Camp 360" (Showtime's version of HBO's 24/7) and in there would be a shocking moment.  They even leaked out that bit showing Shane Mosley wanting to stop the fight near the end. To many boxers that is an unforgivable sin.   To say "No Mas" or to quit on your stool is just about the worst thing a boxer can do.

When Victor Ortiz quit against Marcos Maidana, there were criticisms from virtually everyone, and to this day there are those who still view him as a quitter, even after his win over previously undefeated Andre Berto.  When Showtime made that footage available, it made some people wonder why Showtime would do that.  To put out audio from Shane's mic'd up corner showing him in a bad light?   Was it a situation of Showtime being embarrassed at how much they hyped this fight, only to see it be a farce?

I wasn't that upset over THAT aspect of the situation, because Showtime could reasonably view that as newsworthy and appropriate for the situation.  Shane obviously wasn't looking to win that fight, only survive, so this is just illustrative of that:  Him in the corner asking for the fight to be stopped.

However, what they did during the final Fight Camp episode is where I take issue, and at least one other person has as well.  I'm actually surprised more people in the media have not taken Showtime to task for this, but during the Fight Camp episode, they showed Shane Mosley's girlfriend, Bella Gonzalez, jumping up and screaming at him in Spanish.   However Showtime's translation of it, and what she actually said appears to be in dispute.

William Trillo, over at Pound4Pound.com had written a piece on the Friday before the Fight Camp aired, but after the leaked footage of Shane asking to quit came out.  He was critical of Showtime and asked why they seemingly were throwing Shane under the bus.

Then after the Fight Camp episode aired, he followed it up with this interesting point:

Whatever the case may be let me share a phone call I received shortly after it aired on Saturday. The call came from one of our correspondents, Cesar Garcia who himself is a scrappy pro fighter here in Los Angeles.
Garcia said, “You know Trillo, I read your article and thought it was a bit over the top but after watching Fight Camp I think you may be on to something!”

Having not yet seen the video I asked Garcia to explain. He said, “Around the 10th round they show Mosley’s girlfriend Bella Gonzalez get up and yell something in Spanish and the translation they put up was dead wrong. In Spanish she says, Papi vamonos, Papi vamanos! Le Viene que meter su F***ing piñaso!”  Their translation read, “Baby let’s go! He’s making you his F***ing bitch!”

“That’s not what she said,” claimed Garcia. She said, “Baby let’s go Baby let’s go, You have to F***ing put it on him!”

Garcia then said, “At first I thought you were just being an overly critical media guy but when I saw this…I think you are right! I went back and played that over and over again to see if I was wrong, but that is what I heard. When my girl came home I had her listen to it and she agreed, she said the Showtime translation was way off too.” Garcia questioned Showtimes intention for this airing now as well.

Later, Trillo asked one of his writers who is in Puerto Rico about it, and he concurred that the Showtime translation was not correct.  So that leads me to ask the most obvious question in the world.   How did Showtime come up with their translation?  Who is their in house translator?   I realize that Spanish is a language that can have various "loose translations", however I do not know how you go from "give him a beating" to "he's making you his bitch"?

The only explanation is that Showtime was INTENTIONALLY attempting to shame and humiliate Shane Mosley, as a final F*** you due to how he performed (or didn't perform) against Manny, a fight they put a lot of time and money into.

My only question is this, and it's the reason that I'm not 100% on them trying to humiliate Shane by lying about the translation:  Why has no one else come forward about this?  Why has Bella not come out and said "hey, that's not what I said!"  Why hasn't anyone aside from random boxing fans on message boards voiced their outrage at Showtime possibly intentionally misrepresenting someone to make a boxer on their network look bad?

Check out the video below and if you speak Spanish, you tell me what she said....Cause everyone I've come across who watch it says that she did not say what Showtime has her saying.

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