Apr 8, 2011

More Racism Against Obama

UPDATE March 17th 5:04pm : This blog post has been getting a massive amount of hits in the last few days, because of the renewed attention of these reprehensible bumperstickers.   I want to thank everyone who happens to read my blog, and encourage you to bookmark the main page (click the banner at the top of the page) and check out the rest of my posts.

Here is a new video by Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks discussing this bumper sticker.

It seems every day there's another example of the incredible wrongness of people who want to insist that the criticism of President Obama is anything but racist.   I got into an argument with someone on Facebook the other day (always a smart thing to do), and it stemmed from the fact that 46% of Republicans polled in Mississippi said they felt that interracial marriage should be illegal.   In addition, 51% of Republicans nationwide in a recent poll claimed that they either thought the President was not an American citizen, or they just weren't sure.

In the process the person I was arguing with seemed to take from it that I was saying that ALL conservatives are racists.  I wasn't saying that at all, and I wouldn't say that.  There are many good decent conservatives out there who simply differ in political beliefs than I do.  However, to say that there is no racism against the President is either blissfully naive or willfully ignorant.   I mean, I've posted on here many times over the past few years about the various racist things that conservatives have done.  Whether it's printing up "Obama Bucks" which are supposed food stamps that have images of fried chicken, watermelon, kool-aid and ribs on it, or the pictures mocking him up as a pimp or a witch doctor, or the shocking image someone did of all the Presidents portraits, with the final one, Obama's, a plain black square with two eyes peeking out from the darkness.

There's many many examples of this, and as I've said before, the simple act of disagreeing with Obama for his policies or actions (or inactions for that matter) are perfectly fine.  Nothing racist about disagreeing with someone who is Black.  Where the racism comes in is while disagreeing with someone who is Black or Latino or whatever, you use racist language, or coded language that clearly implies a racist stereotype.

Saying that he is not "one of us" or that he's a secret Muslim or emphasizing his middle name for no other reason than to draw attention to how "funny" his name is, or the old kneeslapper of confusing the words Obama and Osama.  Yeah, that's perfectly innocent.

I think this is one of those things, much like the Birth Certificate Nontroversy, in which people who believe this stuff, will not ever listen to reason.  No matter how many times you say "no, that's not right.  How can you say these things that are blatantly false" they will continue to say it.  They have been brainwashed and misled all their lives into believing they are fighting for what's right and good, when in fact they're not.

There is no excuse for the racist attacks on the President that keep on coming to this day, two years into his Presidency.

A friend of mine on Facebook hipped me to a bumper sticker that he saw today that read "Obama 2012: Don't Re Nig". Other variations of this spell the word "Renege"  Now while I had not heard this, apparently it's been around for at least a year, as I found some blog posts about it from last summer.

Zazzle even had some shirts for sale, but now seem to have pulled them.

The sad thing about this though, is that so many people will look at that shirt and laugh.  Or they'll think 'what's the big deal?" or they may even try to say, "no, see it's spelled "Renege" and it means don't go back on promises and blah blah blah".  The thing is though, anyone with a brain can totally see what's going on here.

I get comments from people I know who read what I write and ask me why I keep on about this type of thing.   I mean it's not like my writing about it is going to wake people up and make them realize just how abhorrent this type of thing is.

And I realize that I'm probably pissing into the wind on this one.  Those who agree with me, probably will still agree with me.  Those who don't, won't no matter how many examples I post up of their blatant race baiting.  They'll continue to make excuses and act all surprised at people's reactions, all the while talking about how Democrats and Liberals are the TRUE racists.

They might even pull out that tried and true comment about how the Democrats supposedly fought against Civil Rights, and those nice Republicans freed the Slaves and passed Civil Rights.   However they usually leave out the part about how back then the parties were reversed, and the Republicans were liberal and the Democrats were conservatives.

So I don't know why I still post this stuff.  I think it's because it pisses me off and I think it SHOULD piss off any rational and decent human being out there.   But as I said, it's a cognitive dissonance situation here.  I'm not recruiting anyone who believes that is appropriate, and anyone who agrees with me probably did to start with.


  1. i think it's great that you post this stuff, even though the knowledge that that t-shirt exists make me want to vomit on my dog sitting right here, poor darcie. i grew up in a racist family (well my mother isn't) and it caused me to become a SHARP skinhead for awhile. it was an extreme role reversal but one i still feel was needed for me to get away from any thoughts of absurd racism. i applaud you for bringing this stuff to light for the people that read your blog.

  2. I see nothing wrong with the so called racist bumperstickers, especially the ones against barack hussein obama. Don't Renig In 2012 i someones opinion and tho you may not like it they have the right to display it. And if you really want to get down to the racist card, don't forget that it was DEMOCRATS who started the Ku Klux Klan, one of the biggest racial organizations in this country.

  3. Well, "Anonymous", I think your comments are a bit misleading. Back then the political parties were reversed. So the Democrats were the conservative party and the Republicans were the more liberal party. Civil Rights is what caused them to switch. At the time, as I said, the Republican Party was the eqauivalent to our current Democratic Party and vice versa.

    So to say "The Democrats" started the KKK, that's not exactly true because you are trying to frame it as if the current ideation of the Democratic Party is what started the KKK, and that's just not true.

    Thanks for reading though.

  4. Also, watch the last video I posted. They explain the whole "reversed parties" thing pretty well there.

  5. I was dumbfounded to see "Re Nig" used on a Facebook ad. I did a Google search to see if anyone else was looking at this the same way when I found your blog.

    In addition to everything you said, it's painfully clear that the creator of the phrase is altering the tag-line to isolate the "nig" part--in other sentences in the same ad it's "correctly" misspelled as "renig" (which is only a little less offensive). The creator was banking on the fact that the morpheme "nig" by itself is instantly attached to the full "N" word. This cannot be accidental.

    If you don't like the President's policies, voting record, etc. then criticize those. It's so sad knowing that I'll have to explain to my nine-year-old daughter what a "racist" is.

  6. I agree. Everyday I keep finding more things to be outraged about after I've already thought I had seen it all.

  7. Gary Anderson, did you actually mean "...Civil Rights (sic)..."?

  8. @Anon, I was referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which caused the schism in the two parties, and caused the Democratic Party, which at the time was conservative, to move to the left as it related to social issues. This also caused the Republican party, which was at the time the more Liberal party, to go further right to pick up the issue of "The Southern Strategy" to attract white voters.

    As has been pointed out, they knew they weren't going to get the Black vote, so they instead ran with this strategy of playing up many southern white voter's fears of Black people using racially coded language to stoke racial fears.

    This is all a matter of public record and history. Ken Mehlman, the former head of the RNC actually came out and apologized the NAACP for the Republican's Southern Strategy. Not everyone wants to admit to that section of history, but it's a matter of public knowledge.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

  9. I stopped reading after your fifth typo in the second paragraph. Why should I take you seriously if you clearly don't?

  10. Thank you, "Bored" for reading my blog, however little of it you did read.

    BTW: I fixed the few typos I noticed there.

    Thanks again!

  11. I was almost ready to go up in arms, and refer to the first Amendment, then, after realizing the incorrect spelling of the sticker, I agree that it IS racist. However, I believe the Constitution clearly spells out American's right to free speech. Whatever ire a set of words may invoke, they are still protected by the US Constitution.

  12. @Anon: I agree wholeheartedly that they have the freedom of speech to say reprehensible things. No one is saying that they do not have the right to sell stickers like that.

    They have the freedom to do that. And I, and others have the freedom to express our outrage over it, and to spotlight them and give them negative attention over it.

    Just like Rush. Rush has the right to say whatever he wants. No one is saying he can't. They're expressing their outrage at what he said, and are using their own freedoms to protest Rush and petition to his sponsors.

    We all have freedom of speech, but others have that same freedom to express their dissatisfaction with our speech.


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