Mar 7, 2011

Review: Iz Real Entertainment Presents: 143

In my recent review of Lecrae's album "Rehab", I mentioned how for a long time Christian music was for the most part pretty bad. The intention was good, of course, but the talent just wasn't there and the production values weren't there either.

In order to succeed in bringing people to Christian music that normally wouldn't, you have to provide a product that is the equivalent or better than the mainstream secular music that you would hear on the radio. It's all about what is appealing to the senses, because you can have the best message in the world, but if it's not accessible to the target audience, it's all for naught.

However in recent years the ante has been upped by a new breed of Christian artists that are proving themselves to be on the level with the other mainstream artists. And the quality is there, the message is there, and I predict that it won't be long before some of these artists are getting a lot of crossover play on the regular radio stations, much like Kirk Franklin has done in the past.

After I posted up the review to LeCrae, and sent the link out on twitter, I got a message from someone from "Iz Real Entertainment", asking me if I would be interested in hearing an album they had put out. I was hesitant, because let's be honest folks: 99% of the people who hit you up on twitter or myspace or facebook to hear their music, are never going to be confused with serious artists. Not because of the medium they're using, but more to the point that it seems that everyone pushing a demo or album out there online, are just not that good.

I went to the website, and downloaded their compilation of artists from their label, and when I started listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty solid. As with LeCrae, the production is on point, the lyrics are cool, the beats are dope. The vocalists are great, specifically a woman named "Tigga" who is featured on two songs, both of which are strong.

Specifically "Journal" is a solid track that I ended up listening to multiple times.

Other standouts include "One True Love" which had a nice slight Euro Club type feel to it, which I thought was cool. The song "Pretty Girl" might be my favorite on the entire compilation with an infectious beat and hook.

If Itz Real is indicative of the future of the genre, along with LeCrae, then I predict big things for Christian hip hop music in the years to come.


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