Feb 6, 2011

DJ Billy Bill Presents: Best of the Best Volume 1

Back in 1996 during a visit to the Potomac Mills Mall near DC I bought my first hip hop mixtape, DJ Billy Bill's "Best of the Best Volume 1".  Several months later it got stolen from me and for the last 15 years I've been looking for it.   Now, thanks to the one and only Tapemasta, I now have it again.   He was kind enough to rip it from his original tape and send it to me, and I felt like sharing it today with those who read my blog and love hip hop.

To this day it remains my favorite mixtape of all time, and I hope you guys like it as well.  If you want to hear more classic hip hop mixtapes, check out my man Tapemasta's blog where he's got that good 90's era hip hop mixtapes for you.

And now, here's the download.

And shout out to the great DJ2Mello for helping me identify the two reggae tracks on here.

NOTE: This is split tracked and tagged for Itunes.

DJ Billy Bill Presents: Best of the Best Volume 1 (1996) **NEW LINK 7/7/11**

(features the following DJ's doing sets: Chill Will FTE, Bigg Premiere, DJ Phili, Doggtime, Rello & Jadel and Dexterity)

01. DJ Chill Will Intro
02. Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha! (Blend)
03. Martin Lawrence - Everybody Wanna Be a Gangster
04. Monica - Before You Walk Out My Life (Blend)
05. TLC - Diggin On You (Blend)
06. Erick Sermon - Bomdigi (Blend)
07. DJ Outro
08. Ghostface - Motherless Child
09. DJ Shoutouts
10. D'Angelo feat. AZ - Lady (Remix)
11. The Fugees - Ready or Not
12. MC Lyte feat. Xscape - Keep On Keepin On
13. Lost Boyz - Renee (Remix)
14. Mad Skillz - Freestyle
15. Soul For Real - If You Want It (Blend)
16. Patra - Dip and Fall Back (Blend)
17. The Fugees - Freestyle (Live)
18. Holly Canada - You've Been Mean To Me (Blend)
19. Groove Theory - Keep Trying (Blend)
20. DeBarge - I Like It (Blend)
21. Stephanie Mills - Something In The Way You Make Me Feel (Blend)
22. Raphael Saadiq - Ask of You (Blend)
23. Monica - Before You Walk Out My Life (Blend)
24. Jay Z feat. Foxy Brown - Ain't No...
25. Busta Rhymes feat. ODB - Woo Ha!
26. Buju Banton - Sensimilla Persecution

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