Jun 22, 2010

Review: The Roots: How I Got Over


The Roots Have Returned To Reclaim Their Throne

I've long been of the belief that The Roots are not only the best hip hop group out there, but they are one of the top BANDS period. Of any genre of music. The Roots have long been one of the more intelligent staples in hip hop, always counted on to come correct with meaningful thought provoking lyrics, and live music.

A lot of hip hop is done with computers and whatnot, but make no mistake people: This is a BAND! One only has to tune in to Jimmy Fallon's show week nights to see them play.

This album is a special kind of thing. The lyrics are on point, as always, the guest appearances aren't necessarily the same ol' same ol' that you see on every hip hop album. There's no Drake, no Lil Wayne, none of that. It's real hip hop with real hip hop artists.

No talking about killing people, doing drugs, or sleeping with any girl they can get. This is grown folks hip hop.

This album, "How I Got Over" is unique in that it fits together so cohesively. With the exception of the track "Hustla", there's nothing that feels like filler, here. It's almost like it blends into the next track, kind of like an album by the group "Enigma" does.

Standout tracks include "Now or Never" (featuring Phonte of Little Brother and Dice Raw), which is my personal favorite after three times listening to the album, Dear God 2.0 (featuring Monsters of Folk), the title track "How I Got Over" (featuring Dice Raw) and "Walk Alone" (featuring Truck North, Dice Raw and someone named P.O.R.N.).

Black Thought is solid once again as the frontman of this band, and if you have any semblance of desire to hear true genuine hip hop, then you have to buy this. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. Support true hip hop, and not that lame stuff you hear on the radio.

I've heard a lot of people complain about the album saying it's too short. And clocking in at a bit over 41 minutes, it's short compared to many hip hop album out there. However, for one, there's not a ton of interludes, which tends to pad hip hop albums when the artists have nothing to say, and also, and this is just me personally, but I'd rather have 41 minutes of solid hip hop that has something meaningful and personal to say, than an 80 minute album that's half average at best, and half decent.

But that's just me.

Below are a few tracks off of the new album. You can pick this up at Amazon.com for $7.99 as of this posting. Click HERE for the MP3 Album + Digital Booklet or click HERE to get the physical CD.

Dear God 2.0 (featuring Monsters of Folk)

How I Got Over (feat Phonte and Dice Raw)

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