Apr 28, 2020

An introduction

In 2008, I set up this blog as a way to just give my thoughts on various topics.  Sometimes it was serious things that bothered me and other times it would just be a funny video or some cool music I wanted to share.   I don't advertise the blog, aside from my facebook/twitter accounts, relying instead of word of mouth and google searches.

One of the main questions I get about the blog, is what's up with the name?   Searching for Chet Baker?   There's very little Chet Baker on the site.

That's true, but there WAS a method to my madness. lol.   When I was going to set this up, I wanted some name that would be catchy I suppose.  Something that might stand out.  A bunch of blogs that I liked had weird or strange names, and so I wanted something that would be fairly short and memorable.


As I was thinking of a name, I was listening to Chet Baker, who is one of my favorite jazz musicians, and for some reason the title of the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" came into mind.   And so I just came up with "Searching for Chet Baker".

And occasionally I will post up some Chet Baker related stuff, including music videos, or even some rare live material.    However for the most part it's going to be a pot pourri of topics such as movies, music, sports, religion, politics, comedy, etc.  Pretty much anything that gets my attention and makes me want to share my thoughts on it.

So I hope you enjoy the blog, and feel free to leave a message in the comments, and let me know how you found the site, whether it was google, or someone posted a link on a message board, or some other way.

I'll end this post with a video of my very favorite song of all time.   Chet Baker playing "My Funny Valentine"

CHET BAKER - My Funny Valentine (Chet Singing and Playing)

CHET BAKER - My Funny Valentine (Chet Playing.  No Singing)


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