Mar 25, 2010

Cenk Uygur on Jesse Lee Peterson's Radio Show

UPDATE: May 19th 2012:

I've recently gotten a lot of hits from, and I want to thank whoever it was that linked to my post over there.  I am glad to see there are others who are just as befuddled by Peterson as I am. lol

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Also I am re-uploading the audio of the interview on Jesse's show.  The stream still works but the download link goes to a rapidshare page that the file is no longer there.  I'm uploading to Mediafire asap.  Thank you to everyone who has visited this page, and hopefully you will all come back for more of my posts.

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I found out just today, that a few days ago Cenk Uygur, a liberal political commentator and creator of The Young Turks political show which has won numerous awards, went on the radio show of the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

Now, I don't know a whole lot about Peterson, but what I DO know made it very much important that I listen to this interview. And that's because Peterson is a strange fellow indeed. Here you have an African American man who regularly goes on Fox News, particularly Sean Hannity's show, and spouts the most hateful and vile disgusting things about other African Americans, not least of which is President Obama.

I mean, I'm going to list some of the more outrageous things he's said, and I guarantee that if you've never heard of him or of his comments, what I'm going to list is far above and beyond any hateful things you could imagine that he would say about other African Americans.

Now I'd like to point out, the very idea of an African American man being critical of members of his race is not the shocking aspect to this. The shocking part is just how much he seems to relish it. How deep he cuts, how vicious he can be.

Here's some of Peterson's "Greatest Hits" of sorts.

1. He claimed that the African Americans who lost their homes, relatives and in many cases LIVES, in New Orleans during Katrina, were "lazy" and it was their "moral poverty" that got them killed.

2. He said that President Barack Obama was elected by "black racists and guilty white people".

3. He said that he wanted to "thank God for slavery".

Let that sink in for a minute. Peterson wants to thank God for slavery.

Here, let me let Jesse explain it for you.

This is a man who genuinely seems to have no sense of what he's talking about. That ANYONE could say that, least of all a Black man.

Now, I've heard many descriptions of Peterson over the years, ranging from "Sellout" to "Uncle Tom" and even "Uncle Ruckus" a reference to the self hating Black man from the Boondocks comic strip, and later the animated show, who loves to talk about how great white people are, but loves to talk down about anyone who's Black.


As a white man, I detest those types of names and descriptions, however I don't think I could put up much of an argument if someone labels Peterson with those. And it pains me to even hear his voice after I've heard him say these things.

Sean Hannity brings him on all the time on his show as a way to attack African Americans without actually doing it himself. He can say "hey, it's not me...this is a Black guy must be true, right?" and let Jesse do it for him.

I have no doubt that Peterson HONESTLY believes that he is speaking the truth. I don't think he sees a damn thing wrong with what he's saying, which makes it all the more outrageous.

Well, Cenk went on Peterson's show, and he did a very good job, even though Peterson kept trying to trap Cenk with his carefully phrased questions designed to get a specific answer.

Listen to the embedded audio below, or if you can't stream for some reason, the download link is below that. I edited out all the commercials (what little there was, aside from commercials for his organization and him taping requests for advertisers and sponsors).

UPDATE: November 26th 2012:  Just added embedded youtube videos of the audio.  Enjoy.

After you've listened, feel free to go over to Cenk's website at The Young Turks and you can catch his show streamed on a loop 24/7 or get involved in the community there, and you can also check out various clips from the shows on their youtube channel HERE.

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PART 3 of 3

UPDATE: March 30th 2010:

Here's the in-studio video of a few days later, when Peterson came on Cenk's show. This is simply incredible. Words fail me as to how to describe this guy.



  1. Thanks for posting this clean version. Jesse Lee Peterson has the most offensive way of posing false dichotomies with nearly every word out of his mouth. It's had not to surmise that the guy is just plain stupid.

  2. No problem man. Not everyone has Itunes, so I figured I'd grab the podcast and edit out all the commercials and whatnot.

    Not that there were more than one or two commercials aside from the station promos. lol


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