Dec 14, 2009

Pearl Jam - Self Pollution (rare 4 hour radio broadcast) *Free Download*

EDIT:  April 6th 2011:

To everyone who has linked on the various Pearl Jam forums, I wanted to say thank you.   I've seen a surge in web visits from and some other PJ related forums.  I'm so happy to see this get out there to the fans.  So many fans have searched for this, and I know I searched for years to replace the cassettes I had recorded the radio show on in vain, until I found someone who was kind enough to send me copies.

Therefore I want everyone to have this for free!  Never buy this from greedy bootleggers.  Real fans of Pearl Jam should be able to hear this for free, like Eddie and the gang intended when they aired it for free on the radio years back.

Continue spreading the link to the blog around.  All I ask is you include the link to the actual blog post, and not just take the DL link by itself.  

Much thanks once again.


Back in January of 1995, Eddie Vedder, lead singer of the Seattle Washington rock band Pearl Jam, broadcast live from his basement over the radio. He would sit and talk with his friends, play records of bands he liked, and when he wasn't doing that, he'd had some of his local band friends stop in and jam live. Bands such as The Gits, The Fastbacks, Mudhoney and Soundgarden stopped in and played some of their songs.

And so it went for four hours broadcast free to any radio station that wanted to carry it. I first came across a bootleg cd of this broadcast when I lived in Charlottesville Virginia back in '97. I loved how spontaneous it feels. There's really nothing "professional" about it. It's simply Eddie and some of his friends goofing around, such as Eddie playing his and (then) girlfriend Beth's Holiday themed answering machine message.

It's a very cool recording, and here you have the entire recording for your enjoyment. Feel free to post up your thoughts about this radio broadcast in the comments below. I'm interested to see what you think about it.

*NEW LINK: 6-15-14*

Self Pollution Radio 1/8/95 Complete Setlist


1. Pearl Jam — Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy 1994)
2. Eddie Vedder — intro and comments
3. Sonic Youth — Teenage Riot (from Daydream Nation 1988)
4. Slant Six — Don’t You Ever (from Soda Pop Ripoff 1993)
5. Klark Kent (includes Stewart Copeland of The Police) — Away From Home (from Klark Kent 10″ EP 1980)

Pearl Jam (live - all from Vitalogy 1994)
6. — Spin the Black Circle
7. — Satan’s Bed
8. — Corduroy
9. — Not for You
10. — Immortality

11. Daniel Johnston — Walking the Cow (from Hi, How Are You 1983)
12. Zeke — West Seattle Acid Party
13. Zeke — Schmidt Rid (both from Super Sound Racing 1996)
14. Eddie & Beth’s holiday answering machine messages
15. Dee Plakas (from L7) & husband singing Jingle Bell Rock
16. Matt Lukin (from Mudhoney)
17. The Descendants — Silly Girl (from I Don’t Want to Grow Up 1985)

The Fastbacks (live)
18. — On Your Hands
19. — Run No More
20. — Old Address of the Unknown

21. Gas Huffer — More of Everything (from One Inch Masters 1994)
22. John S. Hall (from King Missile)–A Little Restraint (spoken word)
23. The Gits — Guilt Within Your Head (from Enter: The Conquering Chicken 1993)


1. Eddie — comments
2. Interview w/ Val Agnew (from 7 Year Bitch), Gretta Harley (performer) and Dave Meinert (local music booker/promoter)
3. Bobby Miller — Keep Your Mouth Off My Sisters (spoken word)
4. Dancing French Liberals of ‘48 (The Gits minus Mia Zapata) — Dancing Foreign Legion

Mudhoney (live — all 3 songs from My Brother the Cow 1995)
5. — Judgement, Rage, Retribution and Thyme
6. — Generation Spokesmodel
7. — What Moves the Heart

8. Eddie & Stone — Stone plays cuts from Loose Groove label:
9. Weapon of Choice — U Owe it to U (from Nutmeg Sez “Bozo the Town 1994, Loose Groove records) Players Ball???
10. Outkast — Ain’t No Thang
11. Jeff Mix tape with:
12. Iggy, Tom, Veruca, Henry, and Noam Chomsky

Mad Season (live — both songs from Above 1995)
13. — Lifeless Dead
14. — I Don’t Know Anything


1. Tom & Iggy (drummer piece)
2. Three Fish — Solitude (from Three Fish 1996)
3. American Music Club — The President’s Test for Physical Fitness (from Wish the World Away single 1994)
4. Eddie
5. Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters — Gas Chamber (cover song, by Angry Samoans)
6. Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters — Exhausted (from the then not-yet-released Foo Fighters 1995)
7. Babes in Toyland — Pain in my Heart (from Spanking Machine)

Soundgarden (live)
8. — Blind Dogs (from The Basketball Diaries soundtrack 1995)
9. — Fell on Black Days (from Superunknown 1994, but different faster version)
10. — Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
11. — No Attention (from Down on the Upside 1996)

12. Bass tuning tape
13. The Frogs — Do Me
14. Eddie & Krist Noveselic
15. Phone call with Dennis (from The Frogs)
16. Johnny get out of my jidge(?)
17. Wesley Willis — They threw me out of church
18. Phone call with Mike Watt
19. Mike Watt — Big Train (from Ball Hog or Tug Boat? 1995)
20. Mike Watt’s answering machine message w/ Kathleen Hanna (from Bikini Kill)


1. Crunt — Black Heart
2. Krist Novoselic reads from his book — Chapter 1 - Surprise, Surprise
3. The Who — Tattoo

Pearl Jam and Krist (live)
4. — Improv/Laurelhurst Beach Club Song

Pearl Jam (live)
5. — Last Exit
6. — Blood
7. — Tremor Christ
8. — Porch
9. — Indifference

10. Hovercraft — Zero Zero Zero One
11. Magnog — ???
12. Phone-call with Dee Plakas about Voters for Choice
13. Eddie commentary about Rolling Stone, Spin, Ms. Voters for Choice memo
14. Louis Armstrong — What a Wonderful World


  1. Thank you for putting this up. Listening to it brings me back to that evening when it was broadcast live. And how great they sounded playing live there, Eddie's voice spot on. A wee bit different than nowadays, not bad or anything, just different. I had been having trouble trying to download this from other sources so thanks again for putting it up there.

  2. No problem man. It took me a long time to find these myself, and I lucked into finding someone that had them that made me copies for free, so I just wanted to share the goodies, so to speak.

  3. Also, one other thing, you haven't seen a complete copy of the 1998 Monkeywrench radio broadcast have you? Would love to download that as well.

  4. Nah, but if you google whatever you're looking for and add rapidshare after it, you may find it

  5. Thank you for uploading this! I have the broadcast on multiple cassette tapes so I'm really glad to find your digital files. I listed to those tapes over and over again on the bus ride to school; this is going to bring back some memories for sure. Thanks!

  6. No problem. Glad you're enjoying it!

    Feel free to pass the links on to your friends or forums you go to. I searched for awhile to find this and luckily I found someone who wasn't asking for money for it.

    Things like this should be shared freely and widely.

  7. Would anyone know where to find the video of this broadcast? Ive seen extra clips out of HYPE ! so I figure somethings gotta be out there. Cheers.


    1. Search you tube. I just found the soundgarden full set on video. Ya various people were walking around filming that day.

  8. I didn't know there was a video of this. I'd like to see some of that as well.

  9. THank you thank you, this was a night i remember listening to in Canada on the 99.3 the FOX Monday Metal show' this is cool because i remember staying up recording this on to a tape. MY wife being from Florida at the time had stayed up as well. Wow it touched more then the NORTh WEST; THank you, this is the shit'

  10. Thank you so much!!!! You Gary are the MAN!!!!!! You don't know how much this means to me!
    I also had this recorded on casstte, but silly me, lost a couple of them lol. I really really am thankful for this! Now, time for Nostalgia!

  11. Glad people are enjoying it! Feel free to share the link with your friends who may want this as well.

  12. This is brilliant! I had this on tape too and had parts of Soundgarden cut out when I had to flip the tape over. The quality here is much better than my tape too. Great job!

    As for the video of this night, it's up on YouTube. Just search for "monkey wrench self-pollution radio".

    Thanks again.

  13. FacePollutionNoisePollutionAirPollustionSolutionPollution.."Not enough solutions.."

    This was the stuff. this broadcast was literally my bible for the past 16 years.

    " uh..Pedrooow.."

    Yes, I need help.

  14. for accuracy's sake, Disc 2 lists an interview track "Interview w/ Val Agnew (from 7 Year bi*ch) and Dave Minert (from Greta)"

    That should be corrected to "Interview w/ Val Agnew (from 7 Year Bitch), Gretta Harley (performer) and Dave Meinert (local music booker/promoter)

  15. I'm emotional right now, words escape me. I had these recorded on tapes which are now long gone. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  16. Man, it's simply awesome, I was looking after this for years! Not all the 'Thank You' said would be enough.

  17. Two words - thank you.
    You have no idea of how much happy I was to find this. It's almost unbelieveable that there are people like You out there - distributing for free, you know, just sharing with the people. Im kinda obsessed Pearl Jam fan 16yo kid from Poland, never been on any of their gigs, still hoping that I will see them live, though.
    So all I can do is to look for stuff like this, which allows me to enjoy the band as much as I can:).

    Again - thanks & best wishes from Poland!

  18. Hello. Thanks for getting this circulated. Megaupload being what it is at the moment, would it be possible for a re-upload?

  19. uploading now to Mediafire.

    Forgot all about these being on MU.

  20. As I can see, there is only radio broadcast from 1995 reuploaded. What about 1998? I would be thankful if you did it as well.

  21. Thank you. Been looking for these for a really long time.

  22. 17 years later.. Makes me feel a little dated, but thank you for posting this.


  23. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I remember running home from work with 3 unwrapped tape cassettes all ready to tape this broadcast. I lost the 2nd and 3rd tape and have been so mad for all these years. I found the 'Monkey Wrench Radio' that came years later, on Ebay, but no sign of this first and more important broadcast.(Mad Season anyone?) Am I dreaming? You've made me so freaking happy!!!
    Paul (Pearl Jam fan club member since 1994)

  24. Glad you're excited, Paul! This has long been one of my favorites, and I'm just glad to share this with others.

    This post seems to be the most visited post that I've ever done. lol.

    Definitely the most commented on. ha ha.

  25. miss disc 3 & 4 :-(

  26. @Anon are you saying YOU personally miss hearing disc 3 and 4, or that you can't get the link to work?

    I just tested the link and it works fine for me. both work.

  27. thank you fella about this radio files, i´m from brazil and i had no ideia of those broadcasting. In those times i was 16 and in my country rock music was very rare. I loved Pearl Jam and all Seattle rock bands and I know I lost much information and concerts living too far from my "heart city".
    Thank you very much

  28. any chance at upload parts 3 & 4 , thank you would appreciate the 2nd half. thanks again great upload

  29. re-uploading the whole set on Hugefiles, that way I can put it all in one link.

  30. ok sounds great just post here if you can when you get it uploaded again , thanks so much

  31. Replies
    1. Thanks alot Gary I appreciate you taking the time to do this :)


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