Dec 24, 2009

Lupe Fiasco cries about leaked track "I'm Beaming"

I haven't really been updating this very much lately, just because there hasn't really been anything that interested me enough to post on. That changed today, Christmas Eve, when apparantly Lupe Fiasco lost all touch with reality.

You ever know that guy or girl who tends to exaggerate things that happen to them? These Drama Queen type people who love to overinflate what happens to them and try to tie it into something that is so much more terrible that what ACTUALLY happened?

Well, Lupe Fiasco hit that line running today when he came out against a leaked track called "I'm Beaming".

Now at first it's all well and good. He talks about how he didn't authorize the "leak" and that he put a lot of time and effort and money into putting together this new album he's planning, and how he'd like his fans to refrain from downloading or sharing the unauthorized music.

That's great. I can get with that. Who can't understand that? Even if you don't give a damn and are going to do it anyway, I think most people can at least see what he's saying and where he's coming from.

Then he just drops off the face of common senses and decency when he says this:

And for those of you unsympathetic enough not to understand i can only compare it to someone breaking into your house and stealing everything not tied down or someone kidnapping you sister or brother and ransoming them back to you. A deep sense of helplessness. I hope you never have to feel this and i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Wow, dude, really? You're going to compare someone downloading your music to someone kidnapping a brother or sister and ransoming them back to you? Have you lost your bloody mind? Seriously. In the pantheon of ill advised analogies that has to be WAY up there on the top of the list.

Often when artists or athletes put out a press release or something, you can tell that wasn't written by them. It was ran through publicists and agents and managers and the language was tweaked and revised so it gave a perfect statement devoid of any controversy. And often you hear it and you know right off the bat that that person didn't write that. Because it doesn't SOUND like something they'd say. Like the Floyd Mayweather Jr. press release about the drug testing situation with Manny Pacquiao. Nobody thinks Floyd actually wrote that

THIS however, has all the earmarks of being written by Lupe. Mainly because no respectable agent or publicist would have EVER let him put out that statement. At least not that part I quoted.

Lupe, you need to dial back on whatever drugs you're taking, or somehow get some perspective on life. If someone stealing a song you did is equal to someone kidnapping your family and ransoming them back to you, then dude...I'd hate to see something REALLY bad happen to you, and see how you deal with THAT.

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