Sep 1, 2009

God of War 1 & 2 coming to Playstation 3 in December

Happy Day for Playstation fans, and fans of the God of War games. Several months ago the makers of God of War III put out a poll asking what goodies the fans would want to include in a God of War III Collector's Box set. Overwhelmingly apparantly is the God of War 1 & 2 to be released on Bluray to play on the Playstation 3.

The fans have spoken and the Gods have listened.

courtesy of the Playstation Blog:

Thanks to your feedback, we are excited to announce the God of War Collection for this Holiday Season. Now fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic journey of God of War and God of War II in 720p HD form. Both titles have been remastered with anti-aliased graphics, running at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience, only on the PS3 system. Additionally, the Blu-ray Disc compilation will bring the PlayStation Network (PSN) trophy support to the franchise for the very first time.

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