Jul 22, 2009

Barack Obama is starting to piss me off....

This is really becoming irritating. Let's be clear here. I voted for Obama. I support Obama. If I could go back and change my vote, I wouldn't do it. I'd STILL vote for Barack Obama.

That said, he's REALLY beginning to irritate me.

He's gone back on several things that were big issues for him. He claimed he was going to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell, which is a horrible law that should never have been put into effect. And since he's been President, there's already been one soldier, Dan Choi, that has been court martialed for coming out and declaring himself gay.

And now he's also gone back on something else that is a BIG deal. During the campaign, he criticized former President Bush's signing statements. Where he would approve a bill, but after signing it, he'd sign another paper saying that he didn't have to follow that, or a specific part of that.

Many people were justly outraged at Bush's abuse of power in these signing statements, and when Obama was asked about that on the campaign, and whether or not he would do that as well, he said that he would not.

And.....yet he's doing it.

This is really not a good thing. He's beginning to validate all those people who said that he was just another Bush. That he was not going to do anything different than what has been done.

I hold out hope that things will get better, but he's not exactly off to the wonderful start that I had hoped for.

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